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Do psychologists check emails on weekends?

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Hi in anyone's experience, do psychologists check their emails from clients on weekends?

I messaged mine tonight and said I'd thought about harming  tonight. I didn't, but the thought ran through my head. Made me wonder if psychologists monitor their emails on weekends, even if no reply until Monday?

Makes me feel like I'm alone and how does my psychologist not not know I'm not serious?

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Thanks so much. That makes a lot of sense.

Hi LJpd81 I may not of s/h although was very close once I just I’d say to you I’ll lend you a listening ear if you’d ever like to chat to me about something’s if you’d like to despite me being a stranger to you 🤗. And I’ve emailed my psychologist once although can’t remember what it was about but she replied back by the next day. I’ve also sent a text message to her work mobile to once and she got back to me by text message at 9pm that night (I’m mostly a night owl /and or barley sleeping anyways so her getting back at me 9pm that night did not worry me at al.

Thanks very much appreciate that.

I'm doing the wrong things that I know trigger my bad emotions, but I can't help it. I'm drinking as it makes me feel good. Had thoughts of harming again today

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I'm feeling so alone.

Despite a positive email I wrote to my psychologist this morning, saying I would not drink. 

I'm drinking and feeling teary. Probably because I despise myself when I drink.

I'm happy when I drink, yet so sad at the same time. I love wine, but most times I end up in tears.

Not to mention my husband is not happy I drink and the look on his face when I do drink, like he's disappointed.

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Community Champion

Hi LJpd81,

I hope you were able to hear back from your psychologist after your email.

Sorry to hear about the impact that drinking has on your life/relationship. Its a difficult cycle to break and often takes several attempts from my family member's accounts. There is some great info available on the BB main webpage under ' Drugs, alcohol and mental health' if that interests you.

Also remember if you ever feel at risk and can't get hold of your psychologist that there are crisis services available (as you're probably aware). They are great resources and most services provide great follow up if you're still unable to see your GP or psychologist. Main ones I know of are:

Beyond Blue support service 24/7, either via phone 1300 22 4636 or web chat

Lifeline 13 11 14

Suicide call back service 1300 659 467