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Do psychologists check emails on weekends?

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Hi in anyone's experience, do psychologists check their emails from clients on weekends?

I messaged mine tonight and said I'd thought about harming  tonight. I didn't, but the thought ran through my head. Made me wonder if psychologists monitor their emails on weekends, even if no reply until Monday?

Makes me feel like I'm alone and how does my psychologist not not know I'm not serious?

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My psychologist doesn't reply to every email and says she can't.

But she does reply to most when she can.

But the receptionist emailed me and told me that my psychologist is actually away sick today. So that makes me feel better actually to know that's why i haven't heard anything today.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi LJpd81,

Thanks for your reply. Good to know you have a little reassurance. Hopefully she will get in contact soon or you can debrief with her in person shortly.



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I would say I will hear from her tomorrow.

In my head, I was thinking earlier, does she hate me, did i do something wrong. Really self destructive thoughts. Once I realised she was not in the office and sick, I felt better.

I still have feelings of that I was that close 2 nights ago to s/hing and still curious if she monitors emails just in case someone was in a bad place.

I do feel better now. Have some wine. Had a chat with my mum about a holiday we're planning. And my breaet ultrasound went well. Nothing bad, phew!

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello LJpd, we are so pleased about the ultrasound results, a great relief for you as it must have been an enormous concern and definitely a great worry for you to address.

I am also delighted that the receptionist emailed you, to tell you that the psych as away from sickness.

We also tend to believe that our doctors/psych's/specialist's should never get sick and disappointed when this does happen, especially if you aren't feeling well.

Can I ask where you plan on going for your holiday.

Geoff. x

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We're planning a cruise from Hawaii to Sydney in 2 years.

Yes I did hear back from my psychologist today and just felt so depressed all day at work.

I feel like who can I turn into for if I tell her that I will or want to or have s/h, she will tell my husband .

I know it's destructive behaviour but i bought wine tonight to make me feel better.

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I meant who can I trust and turn to? I need to be able to have someone talk to, without the fear that my husband will find out. I feel I have a dirty secret.

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Champion Alumni

Hello LJpd, thanks for getting back to us.

The important part is that you did hear back from your psychologist and because you did email her, then she must know that something is troubling you more specifically.

It's uncertain whether or not she will tell your husband, first she has to be able to contact him and this may not be possible.

Has she set up an appointment with you straight away and know that drinking wine may seem to be the solution but please be careful.

Take care.


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Who tells your psychologist everything?

I have a question. Do you tell your psychologist everything? Like do you tell your psychologist when or if you have self harmed? Do you stop at what you can, cannot confide in your psychologist?
I've been seeing my psychologist since late July / early August last year. Was doing well but lately coming undone again and depressed.
I tell her everything. I even emailed her the night I did something bad and she tried to call my husband. He missed the call thank God. So he still doesn't know about the s/h incident that night. I don't know what I expected, but I didn't think through how stupid I was and that she'd contact my husband.
She rung me to check I was ok. I was.
At my session the next day, i had an emergency session, we made up a safety plan , which I don't intend to use. She said she has a duty of care.
Now I'm worried, what I can tell her, as I trust her so much! I want to tell her everything still. But what if I do hurt myself, and I want to tell her?
I email her a lot with my feelings and she replies most time in work hours , except the time 2 weeks ago, she rung me after hours, as she was worried.
Do I still confide in her?
I can talk to my best friend, except same thing. She told my husband I was sh last year as she was worried. I was mad at first but then realised she meant well. I told her the other night, sh was on mind again.
I can't tell my husband or family, as they'd worry.
I feel tortured in my mind, my never ending bad and depressing thoughts.
I used to be so happy and positive. Today at work I just wanted to cry, I felt so low!
And feeling like I'm living a double life. No one knows my thoughts, except my best friend and psychologist.
Do I still talk very candidly to my psychologist? I trust her a lot

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello LJpd, yes you do need to tell your psychologist, don't forget they are trained and qualified and have seen many different people with all types of conditions and if you have been s/h then they would notice by the clothes you are wearing, especially in summer time and the look on your face when you move around.

Please remember, we go to see a psychologist to help us with the way we are feeling, we pay them for the session and if we decide to hide what is troubling us, then we won't achieve what we were aiming for.

Sorry I mean well.


Dear LJpd81,
We are sorry to hear that you are feeling that the trust you have built with your psychologist is in question. You have stated that you have trusted her in the past and still “trust her a lot”, this is fantastic as many people find it difficult to get a psychologist they trust or connect with therapeutically. We would always encourage maintaining this relationship and discussing any issues or concerns you may have with them at a follow up session.
In you post you mention ‘Duty of care’ that the psychologist gave as a rational and this is true for any mental health professional, as they must put your safety first. Unfortunately, this does mean that if you have identified a safety concern and they are unable to confirm your safety they may seek to engage with your next of kin to do this. Please do not look at this as a reason to hide details or not be honest, this is your psychologist putting you first and doing what is in your best interests. So please openly share these ”bad thoughts” with your psychologist as best you can, and trust that they are there to help.
We hope that this helps to alleviate some of your concerns.
Warm regards
Sophie M