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Do psychologists check emails on weekends?

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Hi in anyone's experience, do psychologists check their emails from clients on weekends?

I messaged mine tonight and said I'd thought about harming  tonight. I didn't, but the thought ran through my head. Made me wonder if psychologists monitor their emails on weekends, even if no reply until Monday?

Makes me feel like I'm alone and how does my psychologist not not know I'm not serious?

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Champion Alumni

Hello LJpd81, this is a question that's not easy to answer, because all psychologists are different, whereas some may check and not respond, while others leave work to Monday to Friday and week ends are left free for them to try and enjoy life.

Some psychologists don't want to give their email address to anyone, simply because they don't want to be bothered, just the same as most doctors phone number aren't in the phone book, they are all silent numbers.

Instead they would hope you were able to ring Lifeline 131114, or other 24 hour help lines, a close friend or 000 where you can be taken to a hospital for your own safety, never the less, you can contact your psychologist on Monday.

We are here to talk with you 24/7 at any time when you want to talk and please stay safe.


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Thanks very much.

I've regularly emailed my psychologist from the beginning. She would email me homework and other helpful things before my next session.

I've always emailed as I feel it is easier for me to put my feelings on paper.

She doesn't reply after hours or weekends. She replies during the week when she's able to. 2 weeks ago she did email me back after hours.

I guess it made me wonder, as I emailed her urgently again last night. I thought surely she would monitor her emails for nutcases like myself and just in case if in danger.

I understand no replies on a weekend. But in my screwed up head, I was thinking last night, does she care, why did she not reply this time?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello LJpd8,

This has bothered you enough to post here, asking us the questions you want to ask your Psychologist, so you have serious concerns.

I think the next time you see her could be a great opportunity for you to have this discussion with her, directly. You could include how you feel so alone & have the thoughts that she doesn't care, & isn't there as much as you feel you need her, &, of-course, about how serious those thoughts about self-harm are. & what you can do when you have them.

You could also ask her, in the event you are at risk of harming yourself, what you need to do. She can teach you ways of dealing with the thoughts & feelings. That's what her job is: to teach you what you can do for yourself.

How your Psychologist is supposed to know if you are seriously at risk or not, is if you have talked to her about how you feel.

There are also other services, such as BB's own Counselling Service, 1300 22 46 36, anytime to talk to a counsellor.

Or, Lifeline 13 11 14

Or, The Suicide Call Back Service, 1300 659 467

&, if you ever, at any time, feel you are unable to stop yourself from harming yourself, that is extremely serious, so, you need to call 000.

& we'll be here on the Forums, too.


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Thank you. We did write down a safety plan at my last session. Thing is I haven't dine any for months. But lately I've been going down hill and lately when I'm sad or frustrated, first thought is s/h. Which I haven't. The delay technique does work. By that time I've calmed down.

I have used those help lines in the past and definitely great resource.

Good idea to talk to my psychologist. I doubt she doesn't not care. I suppose probably just simply doesn't check her emails on a weekend. I did know that. But in my mind last night, when I felt extra sad, it seemed like she didn't care. Which I suppose was silly of me.

I had a chat with my best friend last night which was helpful.

I've emailed my psychologist admin and going to see if I can get in tomorrow I hope. Good idea to tell her my feelings.

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi LJpd81,

Thanks for that - I'm so glad you have some resources you trust & can rely on. You are indeed, strong & resilient. I get the feeling you are coping better than you think!

I have noticed in myself, how while some feelings may be very intense, if I just let them be intense, cry & such, & let them be, they do calm down. I don't really have to do anything more about them, but grab my tissues, & maybe, curl up in bed for a bit. When I see my own Psychiatrist, I may talk about them with him, then.

I've also used my writing to get the feelings into words, & in a way, out of myself & onto the paper. I don't always need to show anyone, only needing to do it. I have found it very helpful, just naming what I feel, & this seems to make the feelings more managable.

& remember, when you next talk to your Psychologist, this does not have to be the one & only time you get to talk about these feelings. I'm sure you will have more discussions with her into the future. Don't worry, well, not too much - tough now, but it does get easier. 😼

I wish you all the best.❤️


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Feeling so depressed tonight. I just want to cry. I feel I have no right to feel sad. I feel so deflated. I'm cooking dinner right now. Just feeling very low.

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Thank you for your kind words

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I'm sitting in the waiting room waiting for a breast ultrasound.

Feeling a little anxious.

But also feeling lots of feelings like anxiety,sadness,anger because I haven't heard back from my psychologist yet. She will reply sometime today but I thought honestly I'd have a reply by now.

I'm thinking what if she doesn't want to reply and am I being paranoid. She's probably busy.

I know it sounds bad but I'm thinking of having a few beverages this afternoon.

And i know it sounds childish but i had thoughts of emailing and saying cancel my appointments and i will be ok on my own.

I tried getting an appointment for today but receptionist said none available today.

Nothing can shake my mood today and I'm not sure why I'm so hung up and upset on my psychologist not replying.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi LJpd81, sorry to hear its been difficult for you, especially over the weekend. As mmMekitty mentioned, there are some great resources available if you're feeling acutely unwell.

Responding to your question, it depends on the psychologist. Its not at all uncommon for some clinicians to delay in responding (sometimes weeks) simply due to the workload that they're facing and it rarely has anything to do with the patients themselves. For example, I've emailed my psychologist a few times (for small issues granted) but he has only replied to one of those emails. I generally make a note to bring up the other emails at the next appointment. And as mmMekitty pointed out, some psychologists do not provide their email address at all. It really depends on the clinician and their caseload I believe.

Usually if I still have a few weeks before I next see my psychologist and need to speak with somebody, I will sometimes make an appointment with my GP for any help/guidance. If not just to get things off my chest.

Hope that provides a little reassurance.