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Worried about the future, war, climate change, health etc...

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Hi everyone. I made a post a little while ago but thought I'd make another one in this section with some updates.

Lately I've been experiencing anxiety, depression and general fear related to the future/my life. I'm almost constantly overthinking and coming up with new 'what-ifs' and it leaves me anxious, depressed and exhausted. I'm on a new medication which has helped with the symptoms and I have been able to function more, but it hasn't helped with the thoughts. I do see a psychologist.

I'd like to write a list of some of the things worrying me and, if I may, keep a bit of a diary here of my thoughts and feelings. Maybe some of you can offer some consolation on the subjects. Here goes...

-War/Nuke war/WWIII/myself and/or my boyfriend being drafted. This all started with the North Korea tensions when I started reading more into the subjects and obsessing over news articles and the like. This used to be the main issue, but then it grew and grew and spread to more worries and fears, before that I've never really worried about big world events like these...

-Apocalypse, of some description. End of the world. A deadly virus/plague. The Sun dying or burning us all. Zombies. Anything.

-Climate change/global warming, rising seas, flooding, natural disasters, drought, suffocation from dust or co2, an ice age? Anything related to climate change is one of my biggest worries at the moment. I read that Stephan Hawking says humans only have 100 years left on earth. I won't be here by then, but does that mean the last years/decades of my life will be horrible?

-My health, getting cancer etc. I'm scared that I'll get some disease, cancer etc and die young and/or die and leave my family behind. I've stopped eating red meat and have been thinking about going vegetarian/vegan because of the health risks that come from meat etc. to help my anxiety a bit..

-Running out of oil/coal etc...

-Dying, in general. The afterlife, or lack thereof. What happens when we die? Will I be able to see my family again? Does heaven exist? All these questions really worry me. I don't have a religion or really believe in God as such, but I like to think there is some sort of afterlife where we all live peacefully in some other dimension. But I fear it will just be nothingness.

I think that's all the main things that I've been dwelling on lately... I look forward to any and all replies. Even writing this post has made me feel that little bit better tonight.

Thanks 🙂


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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Bec

I am glad you have come back to the forums to check back in. I really like to see users come back and let us know how they are doing.

I want to also let you know these fears and concerns you have a normal (well for someone with anxiety as I am concerned, as I have anxiety I guess I can only talk for myself). I always worry about the afterlife and getting ill. Sometimes I wish I could know what it is like to not have these fears and concerns. But I have learnt to embrace it and to challenge it. I think to myself ' why do I fear this' and then I try meditate to stop my racing mind. I think I am also concerned on the unknown and we won't know about the afterlife until we are there, we won't know how we will die and we won't know if we will get ill. It is ok to not know. I also try and live more in the moment. It is a struggle but it is my ultimate goal.


Hi Bec, thanks for posting again.  As this post is a continuation of your other thread, we're going to close it off - we encourage members to keep to one thread per topic, to save doubling up of posts.

Please continue your discussion in the original thread:

Scared of war, apocalypse, doomsday, death...