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Trying my Best to Keep On Moving Forward Between Bright + Dark Weeks

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Just saying "Hello" to Everyone at BB Forums.

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Champion Alumni

Good Morning Mikalah, and a warm welcome to the forums.

As your title says 'Best to Keep On Moving Forward Between Bright + Dark Weeks', and it's not that easy to balance our weeks out and to try and juggle between them because one week may run into another one, and that's where a problem may begin.

Different situations and certain circumstances could be the reason, so I understand what you are saying, and would like to hear back from you.


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Good morning to you as well.

Think we're on the same page here re: "Different situations + certain Circumstances"

Balancing + Juggling in between the up+downs of anxiety/depression is a real challenge. Taking1 day at a time is the best way i can cope.

Had a relatively "o.k. sort of week. now starting to sink into the dark deep bottomless pit again. Totally beyond my control. When stuck in the bottomless pit, it's picnic down there. When the brain/body decides it will gradually ascend to much brighter happier times...

With regards


Hi Mikalah, thanks for getting back to us, and I'm sorry for the situation you are in and we only wish we could predict what's going to happen the week ahead, sure we can plan it, but that doesn't guarantee it will go to plan.

Can we help you, it might be something one of us has been through ourselves and stop you from sinking.

Best wishes.


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Hi Geoff.

Thanks for the encouragement to share 🙂 I'm not one who usually open especially on the topic about anxiety/depression + the like.

Can encourage, give support to those who suffer + feel their pain.. yet when it comes to my own personal health issues now that's another story..

So will open up when I'm 100% comfortable. I need time to be more confident. It's an extremely difficult thing for me to share my burdens with others.

Thanks again:)


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Hi Mikalah, just a forum lurker wanting to say hello back and welcome to the forum.

I can relate to your ups and downs, sometimes i am totally fine getting on with things like a normal person other days i am a mess. You're not alone and there is no judgement here when you feel like opening up. 🙂

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Hi Lemmy.

Think you for saying Hello + the nice Welcome to the forum 🙂

Am fully aware that I'm not alone on the forum with those with similar issues. It's nice to chat with those can relate.. Helps all the more.

Am hearing you... up + downs with the twists + turns on a never ending rollcoaster.

Some weeks are really good.:)

Then, there are other weeks..

I suffer from an anxiety depression disorder + on medication Have various coping strategies when things get out of hand. They really help. Then there's days/weeks that these strategies fail + find .myself going down into the dark deep bottomless pit again. Certain things/individuals trigger me off so I literally remove myself from them in order to function the best way possible. This is part of my Survival Kit.

Thanks for listening


  1. Mikalah

Good morning All

Today I'm "all broken" Again.... Stuck in a this Huge Big Dark bottomless black pit..

Don't know how to help my self anylong + barely functioning..




I like your avatar picture.

I am so sorry to hear you are in a big bottomless pit and feeling frustrated you can't out.

Does writing here help at all? I used to feel I was in a prison and couldn't get out , so I tried to write down how I felt and sometimes I could barely hold a pencil or I would write the few words over and over and over again.

If a helpful hand outstretched will help I am here.

Is there anything in your survival kit that will help you.

Just resting is helpful as you may need time out to recharge.

You have reached out here and that can be hard to do when you feel so low.

Take care



Thankyou for your kind + thoughtful words. Appreciate Much. Don't know how to put into words when in that bottomless dark pit so will Try my very best. So here goes: