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Trying my Best to Keep On Moving Forward Between Bright + Dark Weeks

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Just saying "Hello" to Everyone at BB Forums.

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Hi Mikalah , that's ok. i'm glad to help you feel welcome.

just a suggestion, maybe instead of writing about you stuck in the bottomless pit. maybe write and share your coping strategies. it might help others who are just glancing through the forums 🙂

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Hi All + thanks for your kind thoughts.

Nice + considerate of You're All Trying to Help Me + Thank You!

Re:- "Coping strategies to share with others" as was suggested so others would also benefit" ..

As stuck in that hole I'm not having pity party down there. Really doing my best get on top of that rollercoaster ride + that's takes time. Will get back up there again when ready.




I know you are doing your best and it does take time here. Posting here is helping others who are reading this.

Be kind to yourself , there is support here. take your time .

I can relate to the roller coaster of moods and the sudden changes could be so unsettling.

Take care