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Hello everyone,

My GP told me about BeyondBlue about a year ago. Right now, I was having very painful depressive thoughts and I thought of visiting this site. Now I have no idea why have I created my ID but I hope the community here may help me in fighting with depression. I have been suffering from depression since 2016 which happened to be the worse year of my life and I had no idea how I got out of it alive.

I don't know what to say further. Thank you so much for your time to read this post!

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Lostsomewhere, and a warm welcome to the forums.

It's always so sad to hear people who have been struck down by this illness, and yes 2016 is three years ago, but that doesn't stop how you are feeling today and the situation you see yourself in, I'm sorry for you.

To post a comment isn't easy because you're not sure what you need to say, that's natural and happens quite frequently, so just start gradually, tell us why you decided to come to the forums, a bit about your depression and certainly about these thoughts you maybe struggling with.

The people on this site have been through their type of depression and know what suffering is, so take your time and tell us what you want to.

Best wishes.


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

A warm welcome to you Lostsomewhere

Glad you have come here to connect with the amazing, compassionate, supportive, courageous and inspiring people who share the forum. Now that you're here, searching for support and perhaps answers, do not underestimate the power you hold in helping others evolve.

Take care and look forward to hearing from you

Thank you Geoff for your kind words.

I hope I find these forums useful. Lately, I have been having anxiety issues. Yesterday, I was short of panicking but I controlled myself somehow. Even right now, it feels like as if there's been a storm brewing inside me.

Thank you for your kind words, therising

Hi Lostsomewhere, thanks for getting back to us, even that can be difficult at times, but that's not your fault, because anxiety can cause the pain, or maybe it's the pain causing the anxiety, but perhaps it's the both of them combined.

Anxiety can cause our mind to have thoughts which are going in every direction, while when we are relaxed our mind is clear and straight forward.

Just be careful of the storm brewing inside you because it's not settled until you are happy with the situation.

Best wishes.


Thank you geoff,

I try to be mindful of my situation but at times, it seriously feels like as if it is out of control and there it becomes a serious effort to exist.

Kind regards!