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Hello there

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Hi I'm new to this I've been depressed for a while now like 37 years and I feel like talking about it doesn't really help my does but it doesn't when you want to talk to your family and they don't want to talk to you really sucks so talking to a professional that was good and doesn't feel like it should and my family they're so close together but they're not with me and upsets me so I thought id introduce myself on her health an introduction my name is mit h by the way nice to meet everyone
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Champion Alumni

Hi mit h,

Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community here on the forum. Sounds like you have experienced depression for a very long time, me too. Some days are worse than others and then other days can be wonderful.

This is a safe place for you to share your thoughts and feelings.

Some people don't understand depression and mental health issues. It is difficult for the person who is suffering to understand it themselves at times.

Maybe some family members just don't know what to say.

On the Beyond Blue website there is a lot of information about depression, how we can help ourselves and how others can help those who are suffering.

Are there some things you have found that help you?

I usually write very long messages! I don't want to overwhelm you! So once again, welcome.

Cheers from Dools