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Busy mind

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Hi all,I am new here,I am a wife,mother of 3 and grandmother of 3.lately I my mind has been so busy with everything that is going on in my life.i have fears of things that I need to do during the week or events coming up,it's like a work myself up worry about what might happen..what can I do to ease my thoughts and fears

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Hi Nefro.

It is completely normal to have a bit of anxiety about what may happen - the unknown. 

My suggestion would be to practice mindfulness. This can be done in many ways.

Make a cup of tea and really just be in the moment. Enjoy every sip and focus only on that.

Or focus your mind on the present - Count backwards from 5.. whats 5 things you can see? What's 4 things you can hear? 3 things you feel? 2 things you can smell? And 1 thing you can taste? 

Doing this slowly and really putting your mind to it creates a sense of calm. 


There are also podcasts that focus on mindfulness too. I enjoy listening to The Mindfull Kind.


Hope some of these ideas help ♡ 

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Champion Alumni

Hello Nefro, there is much going on with being a wife, then a mother and then being a grandmother, so much you think about, which all can not be achieved because of certain situations or perhaps inconveniences beyond your control.

There are two things for you to do, firstly look after yourself and secondly be a back stop and support when your family needs requires help when caught up in an awkward situation.

Surpassing what may or may not happen doesn't support your maturity and/or knowledge, you know from experience the right decision.


Life Member. 

Thank you so much,I will give that a go tonight before I go to bed  and at work tomorrow.

Thank you so much Geoff,I have often been told to take care of myself for a change and since I just turned 47,I think it's time I do that 

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Nefro

You can use a diary to help to plan for days, weeks & even months ahead, but what we really have is today, here & now. If you think you can't remember everything, or those worrying thoughts keep repeating, writing down what is on tomorrow, including your thoughts & feelings may help to bring some peace. You can look, thee it is, written down, & maybe you will think of solutions to problems, or maybe someone who might help solve some of them. That would be great.

Truthfully, though, no one can control nor predict everything that might happen. & there is little anyone cando until it does. We can take some actions to help prevent terrible things, just like how people learn to drive, even doing the Defensive Driver Course, or learning how to do First Aid.

I try to do some mindfulness, but it's hard, takes a lot of practice. Starting over, bringing my mind back to the moment I am in, frustrating as it can be, is helpful anyway. I've interrupted those thoughts & worries.

Sometimes I do the 'what if...'  & it gets me realising I simply don't know, & can't know until, which actually rarely happens either. I end up feeling silly & having a laugh at myself, "Being human again, mmMekitty?"I say.

That way I can let things go more easily.

Hope I'll see you around BB.




Good night mmMekitty,thank you so much for reply,writing down sounds.like a good idea.much love

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Hi there so yesterday,I posted about myind been to busy..today I took all your advise and tried them out and I must admit,they did work all togather.i made it through my work day..I even got one of my friends who does yoga to send me some stuff through to help me relax and breathe.i still did however feel anxious and I nearly gave into it..but I steadied myself and stayed at work.work in progress