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Vicious cycle of dating

Community Member

Anyone else get tired of dating. This is the third time this year where I let my guard down when dating a guy. Think it’s going well and then he calls it off.

Anyone use any mantras or Advice to deal with this constant heartache?

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Hi Clear,

I think dating is a struggle for most. that's just one part ,finding something meaningfully can be even harder. Yes I'm speaking from experience lol.

can I ask besides the dating is all else in your life ok, including mental health. these can be a big hindrance and self sabotaging if not under control.



I have anxiety flairs up with big crowds.
I become quite down with end of relationships but I feel like normal amount as I still get on with things

Hi again,

it's hard to say as I'm no expert. anxiety can definitely make it harder to generally form any relationship. from the limited info it may play a part in the dates not succeeding but in saying this it's always going to be testing and ultimately disappointing when they don't work out.

I have to say unfortunately it is just part of dating we may have to kiss a few frogs before we find something meaningful.

it's hard to let your guard down and then be let down but not letting your guard down to an extent will not allow you to find what you want.

I have many friends male and female going through the same thing and I can see it is draining to invest emotions and have it lead nowhere.

on a good note some have persevered and found love. never easy.