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Trouble with my family..

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Just as i'm writing this tears are streaming down my face as I don't know what to do anymore. My story starts off as.. I was diagnosed with Anxiety, severe depression and OCD last year and I have been beaten up by my 23-year-old sister plenty of times and I'm physically scared of her. She is older than me so I would've expected a lot more from her but she just makes me feel worthless, unwanted, fearful and dreadful. She lives with me and my parents and she does abuse a lot of drugs. She steals anything of mine she can find and sneaks into my room to steal stuff she likes even really important things and she'll still do it if she's been told not to. She has even stolen stuff also from my mother, including things she needs for her health. I've always been afraid of her and she says hurtful things all the time like, I should've never been born, been made fun of my mental health, blamed me for drugs that were hers, etc. My dad thinks its all my fault when she turns around and says nasty things to me without saying anything to her, anything about her or anything that has anything to do with her. I hope people see where I'm coming from because she makes me so depressed! I feel like nobody cares about me anymore, nobody sees me as a human and nobody sees me as a person with feelings. I've spoken to both my parent's about this but my dad doesn't care a single bit and never has when it comes to me and I get blamed for it all. I'm so ashamed to say shes my sister, I know I shouldn't say that but shes but me through emotional stress for many many years. I'm so sick and tired of living like this. 😞
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Valued Contributor

Hi Emma Lauren,

I’m so sorry you’re going through this, and at the hands of your family no less. I think your sister obviously has some major issues, and unfortunately you are thrust into the same environment and so you are her default target. Home is supposed to be your soft place to fall and at a minimum, your belongings should be safe.

I also think your father has chosen the path of least resistance, and thinks it will be easier to put it on you rather than confront your sister, who seems more volatile. This is not on, your father is supposed to protect you and he is opting out. What is your mother’s stance in all this? I know you said she had stuff stolen also.

Unfortunately, I don’t know the best way to proceed with this. If I was your parents I’d probably boot your sister out of the house, but they may be trying to support her through this difficult time. But that doesn’t really help you does it? Do you have the option to move out and get away from it all?