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Parents separate and partner isn't there for me

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So my parents are separating and it's really hard on me so I went to go talk to my partner about it and he just said I don't want to hear it even after I asked him just to be there and listen and that really hurt me. We have also been having other issues like we always fight about money and who buys dinner all the time and he won't talk to me about anything I feel like he doesn't trust me but over these past few weeks I love him but I just feel like I don't love him like that anymore and just feel like I need some space and most of the time I just feel like his slave I do all the washing clean the room make the bed and get him food all the time while he plays games. He has also barley touched me like that in 2 months maybe have sex 5 times and before that it was 2-3 times a week. What do I do?

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Champion Alumni
hi Elaine, I don't think that he appreciates anything you do, especially when you want to talk about your parents separating, because it's never easy for any child to understand why or what has been going on behind closed doors, so I hope that you get back to us if you want to talk about this.
I know how my two sons felt when my wife divorced me and she had her reasons which I do accept With regard to your partner I'm sure you would be able to find someone who will return the love, respect and companionship you are wanting, a r/ship should go hand in hand, but that's not what is happening here.
He wants to be in control, but a r/ship doesn't have any control, it goes by talking to each other about everything you want to discuss.
Please look after yourself and tell him 'it's time to go', and don't be tricked by him saying that he will improve, if you stay together then everything will be OK for a couple of days/weeks and then it will only go back to how it was. Geoff.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Elaine

Welcome to our forums.

Sorry to hear that you are parents are separating. Is it a surprise? Either way I can only imagine how hard it would be (at any age).

During a sensitive time like this I think it is important to be able to confide in your partner. Life isn't always easy and a partner needs to be there for all the bits - good and bad. Maybe explain this to him?

Plus as Geoff has mentioned, it doesn't sound like he appreciates you.

Let us know how you go once you talk to your partner.

Blue Jane