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Adult needing Parental Guidance

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This is my first post, so here goes.

I am an adult who has struggled with mental health for the majority of my adult life (if not the majority of childhood as well, yet this went undiagnosed). I am single, childless. I have a limited support system which, of course, includes my parents. Lately I am feeling more and more isolated. My parents live on the other side of the State. My siblings are not entirely supportive. They have their own lives, as does everyone else. I need my Mum in particular but she is not here. Not physically and over time less emotionally as well. I'm certain she is weary but I have no one else.

Is it wrong for me to need my parents? How do I strike a balance that works for everyone when I know I am "needy" from time to time?

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

First miss Betty welcome to beyond blue forums.

I don't know how old you are but I would guess I am older than you are. Now widowed two children But so alone scattered family all over the state no support, Except in here. My mother died in 1990 would you believe me if I told you I still need my mother and always will


Kanga, thank you for welcoming me.

I believe you. I need my Mother now and I know I always will. I'm terrified. To my core. How will I survive? How can I?

By taking it one day at a time . One problem at a time on step at a time . go slowly take your time think a problem through if you can when a problem arises and it will go find some where quiet sit down think it through what should you do, and or who should I go and talk to about this if you live in a city the local CAB could help, st vinnies, the sallies, bap care are three places who can help with some stuff. a Chaplin (Church minister) some will even come to your home


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Champion Alumni
hello Miss_Betty, I'm really sorry to learn of your circmstances, and thanks Kanga for replying.
It's amazing you say you need your Mum beause it reminds me of going to see my Mum who was in a nursing home and at that stage couldn't talk or didn't want to communicate with anybody and as she lay in bed I walked up beside her as I was crying, and I tried to say 'hi Mum' but it came out as a jumbling mess, but she opened her eyes and said 'what's wrong darling', a far cry from how she has been for months.
I told her that I needed her even though I knew it was impossible but she recognised me, and there's no reason why you shouldn't be asking for help from your Mum.
She maybe waiting and wanting to hear from you, so contact her. Geoff.