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Overwhelmed and isolated

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Single mum of 3 with a history of complex PTSD.
Struggling to cope with life at the moment. My youngest child is a massive handful. My other 2 children have their own mental health issues that are pushed aside due to my inability to get on top of my own issues. I am socially and financially isolated. I feel the mental health system is a massive let down. My problems stem from childhood and were unfortunately not addressed until after I had children. I feel that I am not capable of being the parent I need to be while I am dealing so poorly myself. I have minimal help from the children's father. My relationship with my family is very toxic and I do not believe that I have any real support and have been hugely misunderstood. Not even sure what I expect to achieve in writing this. I am tired of going around in circles.
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Hi, welcome

You certainly have your hands full. I bet you are a great mum too.

i assume you’ve applied to Child Support to squeeze more financial help from the children’s father?

I don’t really relate to some non custodial parents. I paid child support for 14 years with not one late payment.

Are you aware of 10 free visits to a mental health professional that can be organised by your GP?

I have no further knowledge of further benefits but I’m glad you have visited this forum. I hope you become a regular.


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You've come to a supportive forum BrownPaperBag. Many of us have health with mental health crisis as well as juggling family responsibilities.

Often in cases like yours, a circuit breaker is important. As Tony wrote, you are eligible for 10 Medicare funded consultations with a psychologist.

I would also suggest you get in touch with telephone counsellors (BB are excellent) to give you the sense you are being heard. Do you have any friends who can help out? Have you contacted any women's support groups?

You say the children's father is only offering minimal help, have you told him how you are struggling at this time?

If you are up to it, please post again and I'm sure other regular responders will also add their support.