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my partner of 14 years has said boring with family life -wants a break

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Our relationship hs been rocky last 8 weeks. His been distance with family life. Just recently told me that his bored with me,kids,work and want to live on his own and live caravan or hermit. His also said he wants a break but still live in home with kids (young children). He said given a month to see what we want to do. My heart is broken now,angry and shameful. I have been supported with his bad bad habbits (which now stop completed but keep leaving for days without us knowing where he is). How can i be strong while still living together? Just want to be horrible but its not in my natural...
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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
Hello flowerjas, it's always difficult when relationships come to a crossroads like this. It sounds like he has been very clear in expressing his feelings and what he wants to do. What do you want? What would you like to happen next? How would things have to change for your relationship to be able to continue in a way that you could live with?