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Lyme disease

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I'm married to a man with lymes disease and I'm struggling to deal with it

is there anyone out there in the same boat ?

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear DeeDeee~

Thank you for posting here. While there are many people here with all sorts of mental illnesses I'm not aware of any with - or care for people with - Lymes disease.

The little I know is that it is the result of an tick bite and results in mainly physical symptoms. These can vary over time in severity from minor to extremely serious.

Unfortunately advice concerning that ailment is beyond the scope of beyond blue.

That being said many here are aware of the toll taken on those that care for people with disabilities of one sort or another. This can be an overwhelming situation with little or no respite.

Would you care to do two things? Firstly have a brows in the Carers section of this Forum and see if the troubles cares have ring a bell with you - feel free to join in if they do.

Secondly you are welcome to post again saying more abut your situation and how you are bearing up.

My best wishes


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Thank you for your reply , I'm surprised there's so little knowledge and help on Lyme disease there's 1000s in Australia suffering, even the government won't help they deny it's even in Australia

i will have a look through the other groups as you suggested


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
hi Deedeee, this is a condition which has always been a problem for an elder sibling, and for years no one knew that his heart palpitations could be caused by a tick.
He has had many tests along the way, he's now 65 which my Dad had organised, being a GP, but nothing could give any reason until just lately some doctor from a private hospital in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne had the thought it could be from a tick.
At the moment I'm not sure what has been happening with him because he doesn't talk much about it. Geoff.

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Hi Geoff

thanks for your reply , there's 1000s with this disease but not many get diagnosed, there's very little help due to the government sucking their heads in the sand and refusing to believe it's in Australia

im at my wits end trying to cope , hubby gets very grumpy and takes it out on me , I've been to a councillor and on the first visit she told me my marriage is over , which wasn't much help , I went 3 times in all but it wasn't any help

I have no one to help or give me advice because no one understands the disease

it's cost about $120 k so far for treatment and there's no help from Medicare

he can't work , and we are just getting by on my wage

we live like friends in separate bedrooms as he's awake all times of the night

sorry I'm going on

I just wish there was someone in same position I could chat to