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My last chance

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My relationships all turn out the same.. how do I stop myself from pushing people away

i have depression I've had it most of my life and now anxiety is a problem too !

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
hello Sarah, I can't say how sorry I am for you.
What you have to understand is why you tend to push these people away, or the issue that could be spoken about that is causing this or even any actions why it happens.
People may say something to you thinking it may help you, but you decide not to follow through with it, or perhaps you may deny their help, I'm not intentionally saying this to be the cause, just giving you some ideas.
Having confidence is certainly a morale booster, but as soon as you begin to feel that any particular person is not going to like you, maybe just by a small comment they make, you suddenly feel as though they doubt what you are saying, and once this happens the r/ship begins to widen.
If people know how you are feeling they could then try and make you a happier person at a pace which could be too quick for you, and that's not how you want it to develop, so instead of staying with them you decide it's going far too quickly, and that's what you can't cope with, so you push them away, only to make you feel lost and miserable. Geoff. x

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
I'm sorry Sarah that 2 of the same posts have appeared, but being on NBN I lose connection and never sure whether my reply has been posted, it's the biggest downfall of NBN. Sorry Geoff. x