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Life falling apart

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So my story... had 2 kids with my partner of 7 years got married 6 mths later found out she was sexting people whilst I was at work (I work away). Met a new beautiful woman who i thought was the bees knees and vice versa. She also had two kids from previous relationship. Been together 3 years we have a baby.... then everthing flips on its head now we are separated I have 3 kids too 2 different woman and I just feel like my life has spun out of control. I wa diagnosed with bi polar about 10 years ago. And I take medication. Financially I'm in a hole I only see two of my kids I go crazy at work especially on night shift my head just goes loopy. I see no real way to any happiness... and the only reason I'm still here is cause of the kids.. couldn't do that to them...

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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi veeman,

I hope it’s okay if I give you a caring welcome to the forums.

That is a lot for anyone to go through. It must have been so painful and heartbreaking to have both romantic relationships end as they did...

You sound so understandably overwhelmed and exhausted at the moment. I think it’s clear that you love and adore your beautiful children. They must mean everything to you...so hold onto that. Hold onto your love for your children to help keep you going from day to day.

There’s no pressure but if you feel like it, please know you can continue using this thread to share more of your story. I feel there are many caring members who would like to support you.

Kind thoughts,


Community Champion
Community Champion


I too welcome you to this forum and thank you for sharing your story.

Pepper has written a supportive reply and I agree you have been through a lot recently.

I was diagnosed with bipolar over 40 years ago and I have been taking medication for many years. I have found it is important to get some help or talk to someone when one is stressed. Do you have a counsellor, a GP, a psychiatrist or psychologist you could talk to?

Even if you did not have bipolar you may need help, but I am concerned that your health will be affected by the stresses you are under.

You are coping with so much at the moment no wonder your head is loopy.

Feel free to post more if you want as I am interested and here to be supportive.