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I need support and help

Community Member
My daughter has been removed from me for 8 months now and there is so much dodgy stuff going on in the system in doing everything I can but they don't seem to want to help with reunification anyone know anything about the system that can help? Please I'm desperate
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Lauryn,

I find it difficult to be able to provide a lot of details without knowing why your daughter had to be removed - I believe the legislation varies a lot depending on whether it was intervention (they felt it was unsafe for the child to be at home) or custody issues (the father wanted full-time care). Also legislation varies in every state too.

As generic help though, I would suggest finding the legal services in your state - many states have a free hotline that you can ring for advice and they can direct you on appropriately. Also if you are in touch with a social worker they can be much more experienced with what's in your area. If it's custody issues you may find this helpful - http://www.relationships.org.au/what-we-do/services/childrens-contact-service