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Separated after first baby

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I don't know how this happened, I have just had my first baby 7 months old, and found my husband has been seeing prostitutes and taking drugs for the past 5 months, Im in so much shock I can't eat or sleep and feel like my world is falling apart. I am trying to do everything possible to be here for my baby. We have been together 7 1/2 years married for 1 1/2. I have kicked him out of our home, I am so confused and hurt I am unsure if he has been dealing with depression after the baby as he disconnected completely I have basicly raised our baby on my own. He is saying he still wants to be married and has started seeing a psychologist. I have no idea what I should do right now
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Dear count the stars,

You must be having a difficult time with your husband and new baby.

Go with your heart. Can you forgive your husband? Is he taking the physcologist help seriously?

Do you have any support in family, friends, counsellors?

I got married really young, had children that he never wanted or helped out with. Many people told me he was cheating, I stayed for 18 miserable years that has left me feeling worthless, very low self esteem, no friends or family.

Its great you are looking for solutions now. You need to look after your baby and yourself.

Take care xxx