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I know I’m not alone with this but I feel it....

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I knew I was checking to see when my bf or friends were last online on WhatsApp. I would then wonder who they are talking to and/or why they weren’t replying to my message. My bf bought it to my attention and said are you stalking when I’m online cause I don’t really use WhatsApp but just started this obsession of checking it. So I’d be online more or last seen. I’ve deleted the app now which i know is best.
It’s just brought on a flood of tears and emotions. I know it’s a trust and jealously issue. But also I have a fear of being alone. It’s loads of things. Just wanted to share and not feel so alone.
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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Clear82

I understand this as I've fallen into the same habits myself at times. It says more about what's going on inside us that really needs addressing. Good on you for recognising that it wasn't a healthy behaviour, and that deleting the app was best.

How are things generally going for you? Are you doing ok? Happy to talk about anything you'd like. You're not alone.


Thank you for replying Katy.

I’m having good moments and difficult moments atm with life. I’ve come to a realization that I overthink and catastrophe things. I even did it to my bf last night and caused him to feel anxious which I didn’t mean to do. So I’m also overthinking that.

I actually don’t know what has set this all off. I haven’t had like a pin point time where it all started

Hi Clear82

Sorry to hear that things are a bit up and down for you. Is your bf understanding of what's going on for you at the moment? Have you been able to have a conversation about it?

There are ways to get our thinking under control, if you feel like that's what's creating issues for you. A professional such as a psychologist can help you to manage your thoughts more effectively, if you wanted to give that a go. Your gp could refer you to someone. Alternatively, you could try meditation and mindfulness. These can be really effect too. They help us to get out of our head, and stay in the moment. A lot of our worries are about the past or the future and they stop us just being in the now. If you wanted to try that, there are some really great free apps.

Sometimes just having someone to talk to about what's going on is helpful too, so I'm glad you've posted here. Do you have other people in your life that you're close with and could talk to about what's going on?

Happy to listen to anything you want to share. Katy 🙂