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Feeling lonely

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After many years in an unhappy marriage we have separated again, probably the fifth time and as usual feeling depressed and sad....
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Welcome to the forum and thanks for writing your first post.

It is be sad to be in an unhappy marriage and to keep separating.

Does any thing change after each separation.

I was in an unhappy marriage and separated a few times .

I wonder if you have tried relationship counselling?

feel free to tell us more if you feel up to it. You are not alone and there is support here.

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5 times?
It sounds good, But it really looks to be past fixing.

My thoughts are that you need to cut your losses before it really becomes heavily personal.

It is hard to start, but with the right friends & sime of (your) family support, you can do it.

One of the important things to tend to, is to make sure any income of yours goes into your own (not a joint) account.


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Well, if I would separate with my beloved one for the fifth time, I wouldn't start that relationship anymore. Maybe you should simply find alternatives?