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Heartbroken and struggling

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My fiancé broke it off with me just before Christmas. 

Finding it really hard atm. I feel like someone's died.

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white knight
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Community Champion

Hi Anotherone, welcome here

Like all grieving experiences, allow yourself time for healing. Reflect sure, but dont dwell on nor blame yourself. That is counter productive to recovery.

Other threads that will help are (use search)

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Good luck. Would love to know how you get on in 2015

Tony   WK

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I definitely feel your pain here. I separated with my partner in November and am still finding it hard to get through each day. Are you getting all the cliches of it wasn't meant to be and someone else who is much better will come along?? It doesn't help does it. Do you mind me asking how things are going? I feel like I'm trying to do everything I can to get over my relationship but nothing is working. Maybe time is really only the answer for us right now. 

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I hope things get better for you. When I feel low I find running helps especially while listening to music I like.

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No nothing's helping. But one thing definitely doesn't help me and that's drinking! It makes me more emotional and more upset. I try not to drink much so I don't feel worse. I recently had surgery because I had appendicitis last week so I'm also struggling to get better and just recover physically and emotionally. I feel like life's just kicked me down and I'm trying so hard to get it on track. I've had offers from guys but I think I just need time. I'm not interested in anyone else.