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Feeling unappreciated

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Back story-
Mine and husband's son has a heart condition and required surgery twice.


I had finally decided to get off my axx and look for work. It's always been easy for husband to get a job, within 5 mins. Me not so much, I have to work for an interview, apply for literally 50 jobs just to hear back from 3. I finally have an interview close by and our son has become ill... I feel like a full time baby sitter. I've supported everyone in my household but where is my support? Right now I feel resentment, anger, depressed and unappreciated. That's now how a wife is suppose to feel. I'd love for once for my husband to say "hey honey you have done amazing, I'll put you first and watch you smile with a new job" but it never happens. I've always supported him with his new jobs. Our son is super clingy to him as well so it's also bloody hard for me to function with him crying for his dad.  I've been feeling suicidal as this isn't the life I wanted.

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Hello Mumma, sometimes problems in life don't have any easy answers that are logical for a solution and sorry this has happened with you.

It must be heartbreaking to know what's happened to your son and also disappointing that you aren't being thanked for all you have been doing and only being taken for granted.

Your health is paramount to your family, although it's not being recognised for everything you have been doing and realise how sad you feel.

Marriage should go both ways, where both need to complement each other in their achievements because when this doesn't happen it makes you feel unwanted and that's not how it should be.

Addressing this problem by yourself can be quite difficult because your efforts may not be understood or appreciated and may make you feeling worse off than before, that's what we don't want to happen for you.

Your thoughts need to be discussed with a professional, either by yourself or when both of you are present so that you feel much more appreciated for everything you are doing.

Hope you are able to get back to us.

Take care.


Dear MummaOf4,

Geoff has provided some good advice. We would like to add a couple things.

We would like to encourage you to to talk to your GP about your concerns about your feelings about yourself and your husband. Your GP should be able to help you set up a mental health plan so you can meet with a mental health professional for up to 10 sessions to talk about your confusions and concerns.

We would also like to encourage you to call 1800respect, 1800 737732, so you can discuss what is going on with your husband with their specialists.

Warm regards,

Sophie M.