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Bad text message

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My mum, she lives in the country and so does my brother, I have lived in the city now for a few years. So mum is having problems working out how to use her iPhone, she ask me to take a look and try to fix an issue with her email. So after that I decided to close down her apps she had open and one of the apps was the text message app as I came across there was this photo of my brother in her text messages so I decided to have a look and under the photo was a message from my brother to mum saying... (Mod note: we've edited this portion of the post for offensive language)

Now mum doesn't know any other people in the city a part from us that would be heading away for that weekend.

Do I approached mum and ask her about that message and wether her was talking about us? I'm feeling very hurt at the moment wondering wether our family has been stabbed in the back for all these years

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Community Champion

Dear Eagles Supporter~

Welcome to the Forum. I can see how in your situation another perspective could be a help. A worrying thing to find.

I can say what I think, but you have to bear in mind I don't know your family, or how things have been in the past -so I could be well off-track.

Firstly taking any message out of context is risky. As a very silly example I was standing in my front garden - a nice shady place with lots of trees, when I heard a strange female voice say "What do you think you are doing? come out here at once!". Turned out to be a lady walking her dog without a lead, I was somewhat surprised at the time.

As an ex-police man I've been referred to in similar - or even less friendly - terms in the past 🙂 Maybe your brother has other problems that you don't know about.

Having said that I would talk with your mother. I'd do it for a couple of reasons.

Firstly to ascertain the facts and know where you are - better than just wondering and treating others with suspicion.

Secondly to see if there is something you could be doing to help matters, either with family problems or other matters.

I hope all works out