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So alone

Community Member
Help me:( I'm at a point in my life where I feel completely depleted. I find it so hard to see the positive side of anything.from the outside people would think I have the perfect life. I have a great partner for 17years 4 beautiful kids and a great business. But inside I'm so alone. I have no social network because I've thrown myself into a family life at the age of 18. Right now I just want to crawl away somewhere and not be found but feel so guilty if I do because I know my family needs me.
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Oh dear, sounds like you have a lot of love around you? Have you talked to a friend or GP

Alaska81 Welcome to BB forums, you are in a bind aren't you. As suggested try talking to your gp. As an alternative try talking with your partner. Try to set a time aside for either both of you to have a date night. If you like music find a place that has music you both like go there. Or time alone music, arts walking. Shore your family still needs you I am a parent myself. By getting out and having you time is important like giving your children a great home life is. You need to charge the batteries from time to time. So don't feel guilty because your not


Hugs you are not alone.

There seems to be an awful lot of people on here who are saying the same thing...maybe check out their posts, see what replies they've gotten and see the help theyre getting/have tried/what works.

It is sooo hard as a parent especially to make long lasting, good friendships that are more than "what does your kids do..." or " hi, going to the gym, bye!" as you pass through the school gate....especially when youve thrown your entire life and all into raising kids (as a good parent would! 😄 good on you)

You sound like youre trying to do the right thing by you and your kids, you seem like a good person and I know you will be welcomed here - we don't judge or intend on hurting here...so feel free to say anything on here and know you are not alone on your path/journey or where you are right now.
It is a journey. The feeling of lonliness Im certain will pass and good things to focus on will come 🙂 Keep talking, keep posting. We are here.
As I've said to others You got a friend in us 😄