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2 nights in a row I’ve dreamt about my crush, what do these mean?

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The last 2 nights in a row I’ve dreamt about my crush and really trying to make sense of what the dreams mean

the first night I was in a car park running from something (not sure what) and had to get away, but the only way I could see getting away was in her car. In reality, she drives a white car but in the dream it was black. Where it gets weird is that I was in the passenger seat and the car then was moving but no one in the drivers seat?

Last night; I dreamt I was lucky enough to go over her house, as the dream progressed it became more about meeting her parents and quite randomly, mine were also there.
Seems they offered me dinner and my parents joined in also, she was there but again..the dream was more focused on her parents and my interactions with them.

any thoughts for people who know about this kind of stuff? This girl I think is pretty special and not hard to see why she’s in my dreams to begin with. She’s always been a guarded girl so I guess it’s not always as easy as ‘ask her out’

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Herefortheforums,

I think dreams are our thoughts releasing themselves through our dreams...

Maybe these dreams are your in fact hidden deep inside you of what you wish to happen...and your soul is trying to tell you, to speak to her or to get to know her better, and just take a small step forward...to do this..

I have nightmares of past trauma and they are very weird dreams...I’m trying to practice lucid dreaming to combat this....lucid dreaming is thinking about something nice while I’m slowly drifting of to sleep....and my dreams should be of what I’m thinking about...sometimes it works..

Are you thinking about her, before you sleep, or throughout your day...if so maybe this could be the results of your thoughts..kind of like lucid dreaming..

Your dreams seem very nice, maybe a bit weird to you in places...but still nice...

Kind thoughts,


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hey there Thanks for your post and welcome

Usually when you dream of someone there are on your subconscious mind......however when i have a dream i dont understand i often do some research on dream meanings, there is a few websites which have interpretations of dreams maybe its worth having a look

From reading what happened in your dream it seems like you are dreaming of something you really want

I hope this helps

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I love hearing what people dream, and it is fortunate that you have retained these as most are brief and quickly lost by morning.
The composer, Claude Debussy, would dream music and wake up enough to scribble down the essential elements before they evaporated.

So, an enthusiast's observation is the best I can offer:-

Symbolism in dreaming can be confusing as it is often quite surreal - your love interest wasn't in the car because she was the car, and you see this as your escape from something in your past (or dissatisfaction in your present) where she is the 'vehicle' to facilitate such a transformation (c/w- Don Maclean's "American Pie" - "Drove my Chevy to the levy but the levy was dry..."). I think the colour white in dreams is not a favourable sign (symbolically), so the black car could represent the opposite feelings in your subconscious - reality has little to do with emotions (often only serving to mislead the heart through experiential comparison retained from childhood - imagery, sounds, scents...).

As a 'guarded' individual, you might be thinking you need to go through her parents as proxy approval. Your parents present also would suggest your intentions are true (as who would be disrespectful before them?).
Be careful though, as sometimes the image in your mind becomes the reality which can trigger such dreams to begin with - ugh! So, best to keep an open mind and not read too much into it until you get to know her better and take that brave first step to start the journey.

I have found that dreams can 'predict the future' - but only in hindsight (and after I have quickly dismissed the thousands of others that didn't!!). Fundamentally, this girl is on your mind and you are driven to find out more...