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tayla (robthomaslover)'s thread.

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i wasn't sure where to put this. i did have a thread but i won't want to look back on it & participate in it anymore as some of the things on it were triggering for me.

i just made this thread, hoping to find people to talk to, of any age, gender, etc. since i'm lonely & depressed. the only help i get is a psychiatrist once a month & i had to pay this time because of the stupid telehealth company lying to me, & i'm still waiting to get money back on medicare from it.

so yeah, i guess this thread is just to try to socialise with others. i don't really know the purpose of it.

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hey robthomaslover

i have seen you around the forums here and i think we have spoken before and chatted. I do hope you are okay this evening. Loneliness and isolation hurt. It actually hurts us physically and emotionally. I am experiencing it a lot these days but i sometimes think it could be different given it was self imposed in the end.

I am of the view that it's hard in this day and age to be a real human. I think loneliness is everywhere now.

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Champion Alumni

Hi robthomaslover,

Thanks for making a thread like this. It is definitely something we have been needing. I think you are also showing a great message, that if a thread begins to trigger you, to leave it and possibly start a new one.

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hi hams & maddeline.

this thread was just somewhere for me to vent, so my own thread, not anyone else's. people are welcome to reply of course but i meant it's a place for me to share my struggles if i wish to.

Dear Tayla~

I'm really pleased you have started another thread, having just the one you don't wish to return to rings a bell with me (I've probably mentioned that to you before)

I think venting - or as I put it simply relating what has happened and how one feels - is very much a basic human need, drawing one closer to others and relieving a bit of tension in oneself.

So please, do vent here when you feel like it, you will be met with care and understanding and undoubtedly will help others who read of your experiences and find they are not alone


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Champion Alumni

Hello Tayla, the purpose of any thread is to open up and get different ideas from other people, the actual name and meaning of this thread can completely change as it progresses in time, that doesn't matter at all and may happen because other people can take what's written in another light, or a different way, so to speak and that's good, it gives another perspective to the thread.

Take care.


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i haven't really felt like replying on here lately. i've just been bored & lonely but that's nothing new.

hey tayla

empathise with you

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hi all. sorry i haven't been around on the forums for a while. things have been very tough for me.

back in Feb, i can't remember the date, i saw my Psychiatrist. normally i'm bulk billed meaning i just click "digitally sign" on a form & it goes to Medicare or whoever, so i don't pay a cent.

however, this time i was charged $600, & all this chaos. i did mention that to the telehealth company & i did get what i was out of pocket back, all of it, eventually. they also told me that Medicare are no longer doing Telehealth in Regional Victoria where i'm from, which isn't true, as there's been ads on radio & TV saying it's permanent around Australia, so idk where they got that from? so lying to me & playing on my vulnerability.

there was more to it than what i wrote but my head isn't clear right now, so. anyway i saw him again on the 1st April, & i wasn't rude or agressive, i just told him the things that happened. he got annoyed with me & hung up on me, & i haven't heard anything since. yes it was deliberate not bad internet or a mistake.

he was very rude & unprofessional, not "i'm sorry, we'll address your issues one by one then move on" or anything like that. just said "it's a free country, if you want to see someone else" & other rude things.

i was not rude at all, i just told him what happened. i was not agressive or yelling, or anything bad. he knows he's the only help i can get for numerous reasons, & i've seen him since 2019 with no issues until now.

so i don't know if i'm still a patient of his or not, but i've been very hurt & depressed over this. my suicidal & dark thoughts (yes i'm safe, i just get thoughts of wanting to harm myself, or worse, to myself only, nobody else).

i don't know what to do. i don't have any help anymore, professionally, it seems. & i've also got some trouble breathing with my lungs & like a wheeze, but i don't feel ill or anything. maybe it's the cold weather, i don't know.

i don't bother seeing doctors anymore unless i need a prescription but i can do that on an app, order a repeat one. they just rush me out the door & make me feel like i'm a burden whether i have a physical or mental issue.

so i just give up with everything, i'm just really isolating myself, well i always have. i go out to get food & go for a walk but that's it.

yes it may sound stupid & like i'm not helping myself, but honestly, i just give up. i don't know what to do anymore.

it may sound like i'm overreacting i know, but i'm truly hurt by this. i'm tired.

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sorry i made an error with that. i meant to say it was April 1st when they charged me $600, then i saw him on May 4 when he hung up on me.