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Hi Everyone,

Here are some ideas for helping you manage symptoms of anxiety. Feel free to add to the list, or let us know what works for you...

Mindfulness – Grounding exercises: noticing your environment, bodily sensations, and breath

Progressive Muscle Relaxation – Creating a Tension and Release effect with all the muscles in the body

Opposite Actions – By listening to calming music, taking a walk, talking, enjoying sunshine

Safe Place Mental Imagery – Visualising a place where you can go in your mind to feel safe

Calming Affirmations – To help recognise that the moment of panic will pass

Exercise – A valuable way to exhaust excess adrenalin built up in the body


[Moderator's note: this thread is for sharing what has worked for you to manage your anxiety. If you need support to manage your anxiety and would like to discuss this with the community, please start a new thread.

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I know there's a one size fits all formula to help everyone, and sometimes it feels the "cheer up" message from everyone else feels void as it is not a magic wand that makes everything disappear. I know it's easier said than done, but talking helps a lot and reach out as much as you can, don't keep those feelings in to yourself. Look for support and let people know what you feel you need from them, sometimes they might not know what to say but the fact that they are listening could be more than enough. Journaling helps a lot in my case, put things down on paper even if just to yourself. Walks (by yourself and with someone else) can help. Try to get into a routine to do an activity even if it is just once a week. On the one side might feel like darkness, but there's creativity and well being on the other side of the coin.

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I always have 2 things that I carry with me to assist my anxiety: bubble wrap and a panic script

Bubble wrap is a great distraction and it gives you something to do and something else to focus on. It is also very satisfying to pop bubble wrap.

The panic script is small that I can get out at any time and it forces me to slow my thinking and my breathing. It goes along the lines of 'I am feeling anxious. I am starting to panic. Panic attacks can't hurt me, they are just my fight/flight system being activated by a false alarm. I won't loose control, I am safe. There is no big bear going to eat me. These feelings are normal and will pass. I will be okay.' It helps me gain perspective when I am anxious (obviously this is tailored to a panic attack, but similar can work at other times). 

Hope this was helpful

I deel the same way not many people understand whats going on when you just get up and leave a room in a hurry.  I find distraction the best method of dealing at the moment but i think it may be harmful in the long run as I'm  not dealing with the problem. Its at the point i have anxiety about my anxiety

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Hi Victor  it is comforting to know that we are not alone with this struggle i have a great partner wonderful kids and yet i suffer from this debilitating disorder why????


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Hi, a tip I heard about to help capture a wondering mind is to count backwards from 100 by 3's. It worked really well...until I got really good at it! Now I try other mental maths or something like replaying a favorite movie in my mind, or even trying to memorize something, especially before I go to sleep when my anxiety kicks up a notch. I find that I need to give myself something mentally challenging to think about until it passes.

good luck

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I'm new to this journey, was only diagnosed in November last year and I only recently have started to comprehend the battle I have on my hands.

Anyway, I've been told by many people to try meditation, but I just haven't found that I've had the time (or inclination) to get to a class. This week I discovered an app that runs you through guided meditation. It goes for only 7 mins and have used it twice already when I just couldn't calm down. Both times it has had an immediate effect.

There are several different apps, I chose the one that was free 🙂

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Reach Out have released a new app called "Breathe" which is designed to help you control the onset of physical anxiety and stress symptoms. Although it's aimed at younger people, the principles are universal and it's worth having a look as it's free to download.

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Very handy tips,
however being HIT OVER THE HEAD with sudden severe anxiety and panic attacks I find that the best way to help subside the attack is to just do what comes to mind. Hell, I've even done extra loads of washing just to keep busy. I'm sitting here on the computer instead of sitting in front of the tv crying. I found that a quick jolt of pushups and sit ups got rid of the anxiety for quite a while.
Physical activity, as scary as it may seem to get out of your bubble is the best way to go.

Is this app available on Android?

I can't seem to find it. 😞

Hi there, it doesn't look like they have an Android version at the moment. But they do have another app called WorryTime for Android.