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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Everyone,

Here are some ideas for helping you manage symptoms of anxiety. Feel free to add to the list, or let us know what works for you...

Mindfulness – Grounding exercises: noticing your environment, bodily sensations, and breath

Progressive Muscle Relaxation – Creating a Tension and Release effect with all the muscles in the body

Opposite Actions – By listening to calming music, taking a walk, talking, enjoying sunshine

Safe Place Mental Imagery – Visualising a place where you can go in your mind to feel safe

Calming Affirmations – To help recognise that the moment of panic will pass

Exercise – A valuable way to exhaust excess adrenalin built up in the body


[Moderator's note: this thread is for sharing what has worked for you to manage your anxiety. If you need support to manage your anxiety and would like to discuss this with the community, please start a new thread.

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Hi everyone 👋

CHILD at heart hi darl thanks for your good posts ☺

Ugh it sounds like you have a really hard time getting any quality sleep which adds so much to our mh eh

This isn't the thread for this but it can help calm us. wondering if you've tried or interested in some simple meditation. This can help distract and relax the busy mind

It doesn't have to be complicated. Just picture being somewhere calm not physical and be comfy.

Focus on breathing nice and evenly and deep if you can.
On exhaling feel your neck muscles relaxing. That helps but feel them soften is important.

Maybe on the beach or near a waterfall. See the water falling feel the sun etc.

Refocus your mind gently to where you are when it wanders.

Yes I too have strong family connections to Desiderata...absolutely love it.
Best warm wishes hun ☺

DEEWAY hi there and thanking you too for such a wise warm positive and encouraging post.
It's true we really are so much stronger than what we think.

It's there. A way we can engage it's by directing our thinking to how we can improve helps open the mind making room for productive thought opposed to negative.

All the best Deeway ☺

Erin mack hi too ☺ That work related anxiety would be seriously hard poor soul. I'm glad when you get there it's generally ok.

I'm wondering if it could help to counteract the anxiety thoughts with feeling the times and focusing on how you are when it's ok at work. Might help by redirecting into a better thought frame.

Thanks too for that info re...

"Eckhart Tolle 'The Power Of Now'. also any of his youtube videos are quite helpful. i hope this helps someone!"

Good wishes to everyone ☺

Belief in what we can do holds immense power 🕊