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Little Joe

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High all I am a new chum with an anxiety problem, I have been a workaholic all my life an an ex country wheat belt farmer. I am now living in the city and now retired. I do a few little jobs for locals although now because of a couple of health issues I now seem to have way too much time on my hands and wait in the garden for a weed to come up (not really but!!! ). My problems is how to think positive about what may or may not happen re my heath when I do realize I cannot change the result what ever it may be.

People say think positive but as you guys know it is not that simple.

Anyway this is a way I hope may help, is there a meeting place in Perth similar to an AA type where we get together and verbally discuss our personal issues??

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Valued Contributor

Hi Little Joe, thanks for posting.

It can be difficult adjusting to such big changes, so I think it's pretty normal to feel a little lost. It's good you've been doing some odd jobs for the locals, that might make you feel a little more settled in. I guess with retiring comes a loss of purpose. As a farmer, I'm sure you worked long hours, so finding yourself with so much time now can be a little anxiety-inducing as there aren't the structured daily goals like on the wheat farm.

Maybe there are other things you could do which you find may give purpose and structure to your new life (maybe even planting a few weeds today for a job tomorrow!).

I'm not sure of any meetups as I'm not from Perth, but I think a group like that sounds great. Perhaps there are facebook pages with groups of people, it might be worth a look!

Anyway, feel free to keep the chat going,


Thanks Jackson85, These posts are a step in the right direction although I I think a one on one in a group where we verbally have eye to eye and can immediately swap thoughts may help?

I was told by a friend this morning that her daughter had a massive problem when their business was about to go under, her GP suggested several medications where one seemed to work and is now 100% OK. I am not a pill taker although in the interim perhaps I need something?

Has anybody had any success with a medication? I am aware pills do not fix everything and what works with A does not necessarily work for B

Cheers and thanks again

Jackson 85,

My friend I forgot,thanks for the weed planting suggestion, can you suggest a fast grower!!!!!!!


Hello Little Joe,

I'd like to make you feel welcome here at the Forum, we are a friendly bunch.

Going from full-time country life to retirement in the big smoke is a huge change. Add having health problems & it's natural you may find yourself struggling.

You didn't say what health issues you were facing (please don't feel you have to) so I will offer a couple of suggestions.

Many different health problems have support group/information web pages which include useful links & places where people can get face to face support from peer groups etc.

Most hospitals have patient support areas on their web pages, which may be able to put you in contact with support groups.

Also a good start point can be your GP, they deal with mental health all the time & you could ask for a referral to a psychologist to talk things over with. They can also determine if medication would be helpful for you.

As to finding things to keep yourself busy & more importantly engaged, are you interested in volunteering or do you have hobbies/interests (old or new) for which you could join a group. Many councils have information on local groups which you could join or events you could attend & there are plenty more which maintain an on-line presence as well as face to face. You could also check if there is a Men's Shed in you area.

Just a few starter idea's. Of course there is also the BB forums. The social section has a wide variety of topics/interests you may enjoy and then you have this your thread, which is whatever you want to chat about.

Paw Prints

Good Morning Paw Prints,

Thanks for all your thoughts and suggestions, I know I have to get off my back legs and get involved with the community in one way or another, a bit of the problem is my strange wheat belt sense of humor , when you live in an area and grow up with the same country type people and then move to the big smoke many city people find it difficult to understand our strange ways of thinking (please that's our problem not theirs)

My heath issues my not end up to be a major problem but in my current state of mind every situation gets out of wack and ends up worrying me to a point I am grumpy, not sleeping , light headed and sometimes dizzy.

I used to go for an hour long walk every morning and loved it but now I head off and get a bit worked up that if I get dizzy I may fall over etc.etc.

I know its all in my head but thanks to you and the BB group I am hoping over time to get back to the person I was and want to be again.

I am going to my GP today

Thank you

little Joe

Hello Little Joe,

Its funny how our sense of humour can be mis-read by a new group of people, though I've found that given time they usually get used to us. (thankfully)

Your not alone with over thinking things or catastrophising, it is common & there are a variety of strategies that can help. Usually it's a matter of finding the strategy or combination of things that will help you. One thing you could try with your walks is a form of mindfulness where as you walk you concentrate in great detail on the things you see on the way. Basically you are keeping your thoughts busy with what you are experiencing on your walk thereby there is no room for the unwanted thoughts. It does takes practice, but an additional bonus is it can add a new level of interest to a walk. (I hope all that makes sense)

Paw Prints