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It's taken a while, yet I am posting my first thread on BB's Forum!  One of the important lessons I have learned through seeing a counsellor for 3 years now, is that healing takes time.  And how much time, is dependent on each individual's experience/s.  The counselling has been a life-saver, though now I believe/feel it is the right time to reach out and have contact with others who are travelling a similar road, and establish a network of support.  I am always in awe when reading some of the posts, at how courageous those individuals are - to share their vulnerability and experiences.....and hopefully access support and compassion as a result.

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That Other Guy
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Welcome!! You're not clear on the details of your journey but I'm glad you're travelling well enough to feel you can take this step.


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Hi and Welcome,


It takes time and bravery to post and move forward towards healing. 

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Welcome!  Thank you for joining us.

It's so wonderful to hear such a positive story of healing and how your counsellor has been such a life saver for you.  I'm looking forward to seeing you around the forums offering support.  Please sing out if there's anything we can do to help or support you.