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Will he come back?

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my husband left me and my daughter , 3 weeks ago. It was quite sudden for me. Is it possible he will come back after a separation? Does it happen? What makes it happen?

also how do I truly know there is no one else in his life?

sad and lonely


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dear Kat, that's a very good question to ask, however people decide to get married because at that time they believe that the marriage will last as long as it takes before one of you passes away from old age, but during the marriage different cicumstances may change that were never thought would happen.
As we get older our tastes and interests change in another direction which might not be the same as our spouse, sometimes the relationship is strong enough to still hold you together, but then there are times when it conflicts with our spouse, so you eventually grow apart and want another change in life.
My ex and myself still get on with each other, but we could never live together again, because the same old issues would still be a problem. Geoff.x

Hi SydneyKat,

You have received some wonderful replies here. I don't know that anyone can really answer the question "Why do people leave and will they come back"

As mentioned in other posts, people leave for all kinds of reasons. If you were to ask people you could come up with thousands of reasons.

It seems to me that you really do need to ensure your daughter believes in all her heart that she had nothing to do with your husband leaving. You both need reassurance and assistance to rebuild your lives and learn to adapt to these changed circumstances.

My parents used to fight a lot. As a child I wanted to run away, wanted Mum to stay away when she left the house for weeks at a time and wanted to live with other people or go permanently to a boarding school. Anywhere but home would have been a good option.

You and your daughter both need to find a sense of still belonging and self worth.

Hope yo find some answers and are receiving all the help you need right now.

From Mrs. Dools

Thank you Sara , you sound like a strong woman. Thanks for sharing . It's good to be reminded of what reality is too, and that I need to focus on me, something I never do , never do I take time for me. I will also print out the prayer and stick on my fridge.