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Trusting my family again..

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Since as early as I can remember, I have not gotten along well with my parents. My father was quite abusive and my mother rather neglectful. Both of them are alcoholics and seem to suffer depression. Just over a year ago my grandfather passed away and ever since then, I have felt so incredibly alone I have cried myself to sleep most nights. I want to become close with my parents again but I can't seem to get passed all the things they have done to me and my brothers.. What should I do?
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Hi KrysDrake. When you have toxic parents it is hard talking to them. You're right in that they both have depressive illnesses. My dad was a chronic alcoholic who also suffered narcissism/depression. Mum had severe depression which cause incredible highs and lows. There is not a lot you can do to change them, however distancing yourself as much as possible would be beneficial. Living with them makes putting distance difficult, but it is possible. I used to 'lose' myself in books, music, movies etc. I also found outside enjoyment in work as I grew up. You sound quite young so working might not be an option. Do you have friends that you could visit. Are you interested in any kind of sporting activities or do you have hobbies that could help with your abandonment issues. The feeling of abandonment, coupled with the loss of your g'father at the moment, means you are feeling totally lost. Maybe try taking your brothers to play somewhere. Are you close to other members of the family, cousins, uncles, aunts etc that you could visit?