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This sounds crappy

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So where do I begin. So I’ve not suffered anything major but it’s more just petty crap that sounds stupid. (Tbh I have so much to tell you it’s unreal) first we have Amy friend group cutting me off entirely which they haven’t come to me on what I’ve done wrong it’s frustrating it’s long too it started with like not inviting to not talking on text calls secret group chats like I’ve been cut off and it makes me feel like I’ve don’t somthing wrong and I’m a crap person and Ik yoj could say I’m not and all but woof I’m stuck between am I a bad person or are people just rude to me or a bit of both. And there is this dude who is just existing and like constantly a flirt but idk if it’s all in my head like ahhh I’m just struggle streetin with my emotions right now and needing to just like do things exist or distract myself with guys or idk it’s long and oh I know what I’m doing I’m too afraid to share so I avoid it also there is so much to share like a lot. Idk I just feel a bit alone and frustrated at tv and frustrated at everyone because the world doesn’t revolve around me yeah ik how selfish of me I just wanna feel main character vibes. And have the tv show dream and it’s not workin out ahhh see ya and sorry I’m a bit confusing
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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
Yep, we are all merely actors in someone else's play, but I agree we all like to feel the centre of somebody's universe every now and then - not selfish, just human.

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Mrtidytagle, welcome to the site.

Sometimes it doesn't take much at all before we feel as though we're beginning to slide down that slippery slope, and what else jumps on board is beyond our control, so we end up in a situation like you're currently in, which is sad.

There is much more you want to share with us, so when you can, please get back to us.

Best wishes.