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mocha delight
Community Member
So my mum who is one of the two family members I tried to talk to but completely ignored me obviously does not understand what I’m going through as not long ago she was saying and has said multiple times that I’m (as in me not her) not sleeping at night because I’m spending most days sleeping most of the day. I just wish I had someone in person who understood what I’m going through or tried to and be a support person but I feel like no one except on here gets me. On top of that my gp was supposed to call me again for a phone appointment but never did so I think something urgent may of came up but m not 100% sure but then why didn’t one of the receptionists from the practice not call when they normally do if something came up or if she was running behind with her appointments? I’m hoping I hear something this week coming up as my gp has had a weekly phone appointment with me since I started the antidepressants just to check in to see how I’m going which is great although I’m feeling a bit anxious still as no phone call today. But I’m not worried as from tomorrow including it’s antidepressant tablet I still got 11 tablets left although no repeat as I’m only was trialing it and still am but I’ll definitely have another phone appointment with her before I run out.
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white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi, welcome

As you get a bit older you’ll find that assumptions or speculating only causes anxiety. I like to remind myself of the saying “get it from the horses mouth”. Meaning ring the clinic and ask if they want to talk to you as they promised.

More than likely the Coronavirus has upset their routine. More than understandable. Doctors also have lives to save and have to prioritise things.

So by all means stay on the forum and please don’t expect others to understand your condition.


beyondblue topic they just don’t understand- why?

So glad you are her though.


Hi white knight and ummm thanks in a way I kind of guess. As to the corona virus I understand their routine will have been disrupted and I’m not cold hearted or anything in fact I’m one of those people who actually care to much most of the time about other people then myself but it may not seem like that to you. And second ok yes I may of worded it the wrong way all I was hoping for was a bit of compassion and at least a tiny bit of understanding instead of feeling like i don’t matter/nonexistent ect ect ect as before joining here I tried to talk to my mum but was completely ignored like I didn’t matter and also a cousin who I thought I could I could talk to about anything but I was wrong as I’ve now learned to now maybe I should keep things bottled up inside. And right now I’m maybe not so glad I’m here as this week I’m feeling not so great emotionally.