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Hi. I am 48 single I feel lost. I saw that my ex (on Facebook)from 15 years ago has a child now and it's brought up so much anxiety for me. I actually felt suicidsl such is the depth of it. It's like every little thing that isn't right in my life has come up all at once and I have this incredible urge to contact her and make out that I'm great and in some way get back into a relationship eventually. It's sounds crazy but it's what's happening in my mind. I have OCD it's hard to tell what is happening is it my OCD making me dwell or loneliness looking for renewal of the relationship She is the only girl to ever say she loved me and I've been single ever since our breakup I just want this stuff to end to see a bright future can anyone help

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Hi D.Paint,

Welcome to the forum!

I also have OCD, and was first diagnosed 10 years ago.

First, it's important that you seek help for yourself. If you've done so before and not had much success, definitely try again. Make an appointment with your doctor (GP). Talk to them about your OCD symptoms and any other concerns. Mention the suicidal thoughts you experienced. They can refer you to another professional, such as a psychologist.

Do you live alone, or with a family member? Keep in contact with your family if possible (parents, cousins or a sibling). If your family don't live close, calling them for a chat is a good alternative. If you need to speak to someone who understands mental illness, you can call beyondblue's 24/7 helpline on 1300 22 4636.

OCD is so frustrating, but there are effective psychological treatments (not involving medication). Medication is needed for some people though. For instance, I take SSRI's (antidepressants) because my brain doesn't produce enough serotonin (needed for mood and sleep regulation etc.)

It would be great for you to make an appointment with your doctor soon 🙂

I hope you find this forum helpful!

Best wishes,