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I need a reality check!

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Hey guys this is pretty random and may seem silly but I really wanted to get some insight on this situation as it's been an issue for quite some time and gives me anxiety !! I'll try keep it short.

i married a man from a different religion and my mother was never happy about it so I played down how much he was really into his religion and so on like it wasn't an issue they've clashed in the past about this religion issue and it ended up in my husband hating on my mum for a long time because she gave him a piece of her mind on his beliefs which she definitely shouldn't have done. Anyway since then I've tried keeping them away from each other and get so nervous if anything to do with religion comes up. Anyway my husband has something at home which represents his belief and I've actually gone to the extent of not letting my family come over because I don't want them to see ! It's crazy right? Anyway today she came and went to the room and i think she saw it and I know it seems so stupid and I feel stupid saying this but it actually is making me so anxious! Someone tell me how silly I am and give me some balls!

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Hi Ren88,

I can see how this would cause anxiety, you don't want religion or anything to come between your family that is for sure, did you mum say anything or give any inkling to the idea that she saw this thing? If she did and the fact she didn't say anything is probably a good thing. My question for you is have you told her not to mention anything about his beliefs and just keep whatever she has to say to herself? The old, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything rule?

My best for you,


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hello Ren, this is not being silly because religion has caused many arguments throughout life.
Well your room is your room and nobody should go into it on their own accord or without permission, no exceptions.
I don't have any religious beliefs and for anybody to try and convince me to believe in any religion is not what I appreciate, but they are entitled to believe in their own beliefs.
This principle should apply to your mother and her feelings towards your husband, it's none of her business what he wants to believe in and should never interfere.
I married my wife who's family were Catholic, while I was baptised Church of England but for some reason my family wanted an ecumenical marriage, but to her and myself it meant nothing anyway, because any argument we felt was not justiced.
Just explain to your mother that her faith is what she believes in and what your husband believes in none of her business, you married a man you love and she has to have respect that, religion or not. Geoff.