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I’m being harrassed by my sister on Facebook

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Hello my name is Alison, I am going through depression and anxiety at the moment because I am being harrassed by my sister on Facebook. I recently had a falling out with her a few days ago due to personal issues and I blocked her. But then last night she kept contacting me on Facebook trying to prove to me that our Auntie said bad stuff about me behind my back calling me dumb, manipulative and controlling by sending me screenshots of the conversations she had with our Auntie. My sister threatened to keep making Facebook after Facebook accounts until I read the evidence she provided and if I refused to read them she was going print them all out and post it to me then if I still refused to read them she was going to show up to my house and watch me read them all. I tried contacting the police but they told me that because she hasn’t done anything criminal their isn’t anything they can do and told me I could put in for an avo if I wanted to but because she didn’t do anything criminal it may not go through. I’ve also tried reporting her messages to Facebook but they haven’t said anything, I have also contacted 1800 RESPECT which I did they just told me to talk to my NDIS coordinator about getting mental health care plan put through ASAP and they recommended I report it on the esafety website and call the police which I did. She’s making up accusations about me that I lied to our family about everything and that they think I am trying to get her out of the picture and that I want the family all to myself because I didn’t have them all my life. I feel like my sister is trying to tear our family apart and I don’t know what to do about it. What’s messed up is that most of the things my sister is accusing our Auntie of saying about me behind my back she’s called me those things too so she’s no better than my Auntie if she really said those things. In the past my Auntie denied saying anything my sister accused her of about me but yet their seems to be screenshots of her saying these things to my sister during conversations they had.
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Hi Alison30,

Sorry you are having to deal with this situation with your sister and your Aunt. It is sad when family are mean and nasty towards each other. It is understandable to have the expectation that because they are family, they will be kind, loving and caring .

I find when family act in an unpleasant way it feels worse than when friends do the same thing as it seems easier to let go of friends than it does family.

You have tried to gain assistance with this situation and that is commendable.

Can you continue to block your sister on Facebook? You can refuse her entry into your home and you certainly don't have to read anything she sends to you. It sounds like she is being a bully. When bullies realise their actions are having no affect on the person, they usually give up.

Have you tried phoning a support service like Beyond Blue or Life Line so someone can listen to what you are saying and may be able to offer other advice.

Gaining help with mental health issues with a mental health care plan is beneficial.

Do you have other family members who are supportive of you?

Hope you find some peace in your life .

Do you have hobbies and interests you enjoy?

Regards to you from Dools

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Cyber bullying is an offence. Its illegal in Australia and harassment is bullying.
Get out an AVO if it continues and if you wish to reconcile you are able to revoke it.

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Hello Doolhof, yes I have already spoken to a counselor from Beyond Blue regarding my situation with my sister via chat and email. They have pretty much told me what you said, they also recommended that I contact my NDIS local area coordinator about getting my mental health care plan with a counselor put through ASAP and contact a counselor from 1800 RESPECT which I did and they advised me to call the police and report her to the esafety website but I haven’t heard back from anyone from esafety about it and when I contacted the police the police officer that I spoke to told me because she hasn’t done anything criminal their isn’t much they can do unless she threatens to hurt me or steps foot on my property, they also told me that I could put in for an AVO if I wanted to but because she hasn’t done anything criminal it might not go through. I also tried reporting her to Facebook but they didn’t do anything either, whenever I would try to discuss my situation regarding my sister with my auntie she won’t have a bar of it, i’ve told my brother and my Dad but they just tell me to ignore her and to stop reading her messages because it will only upset me. I decided to take a from Facebook yesterday because of my situation with my sister, even though I only just came back from one. However it seems like my sister is done with me and my brother now, at least I hope so anyway. Then my sister tried to get in contact with me through our brother wishing us well and told our brother and I that she wants nothing to do with us because we show narcissistic traits and show no empathy for her feelings but yet she’s the one that’s been bullying and harassing us, not the other way around. And she told us that unless we get help for our narcissistic traits then she’s not interested in having us in her life and that we are undoing her work to heal. But unless she learns to stop bullying and harassing us and being pushy then I don’t want her in my life either, I haven’t seen or spoken to my biological sister in years. We haven’t known each other for very long, she got in contact with me two maybe three days after my adopted Mum (biologically our great auntie) passed away back in August a couple of years ago and we’ve had multiple falling outs in the past. Did she really think she was going to gain my trust that easily?

Hello BibbetyBoo, I don’t understand if online bullying is illegal and an offence why didn’t the police do anything when I contacted them regarding my sister bullying and harassing me. And when I reported her to Facebook and the esafety website they never got back to me about it. The police officer that I spoke to didn’t see the bullying and harassment side of it , she just thought that my sister just wanted to have a conversation with me but I didn’t see it like that, if I truly felt that my sister only wanted to have a conversation with me I wouldn’t have called the police and reported her for bullying and harassment.

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Hi Alison,

wow that sounds like a very difficult situation with your sister- biological is it? And only recently in your life, if I understand it correctly.
how sad and disappointing for you!

I really hope you are able to protect yourself from feeling bad about whatever she is saying about you, and maybe your aunt is saying some stuff too- well that doesn’t make it true.
I have had a few of these types of situations with my family, and it is really hard cos family tends to have their own agendas or relationships that they are protecting, which may make it hard to have an honest conversation.
stay strong and don’t let her nastiness get you down! You are doing the right thing seeking help.
good luck