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i dont really know what im doing or how im feeling.

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hi everyone,

im not sure if anyone else can relate to this or if it is just me stressing over small things.

there is this guy and he really likes me, but i don't know if i like him back i think i do but i also think i dont (i have mixed feelings). i have caught up with him alone, i go to parties with him and i talk to him everyday over text. the problem is he keeps telling me he likes me and i feel bad because i feel like im leading him on, but i just dont know how to feel.

he is kind and caring and i enjoy spending time with him but is that just because i like him as a friend or i want something more? i got jealous when i saw him with another girl but soon told myself that i wasnt bothered or interested. i really dont know what to do because i have never been in this situation before where i wanna see him and want him to be apart of my life but i keep telling myself that im not interested in him that way. IM SO CONFUSED. it is bugging me and it has got to the point now where he is having deep conversations with me about it and i am pushing him away, but i dont know if i even like him that way.

i am very confused and hope for some reassurance as to why i am feeling this way and how i can actually figure out what i want because i feel like i have tried everything.

Thank you!

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Hi sport, I have a similar relationship with one of my friends. I've known him for 10+ yrs, and I've always known he liked me. He recently said it up front and I just kind of ignored. It's hard not knowing how I feel, my emotions have been pretty bad lately so I don't know if I feel anything for him or not. I've just told him I'm working on myself before working to be with someone. I feel like from what you've said you do like him, you could suggest a relationship with a fall back plan- where you date with the option of if you break up still being friends.

I hope this helps 🙂

Hi Charlie,

Yeah i understand exactly where you are coming from and yes it is a hard situation i think another issue with me is that i might be scared and feel as though i am not ready for a relationship, and exactly what you said i feel i need time to work on myself but i feel as though if i take too long then he may not be interested anymore and then i could end up regretting it.