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I can’t find love

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Hello My name is Jye I’m 19 and I just cannot find love no girl finds me attractive I don’t know what it is about me like I’m literally extremely loyal I’m so kind to women I’m a little overweight but I’m tall I always cry my self to sleep at night I’m depressed I often think about just quitting I’ve never had love all I want is for someone to care and love me
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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
hi Jye 🙂 Sorry it's taken so long for someone to respond to you. Loneliness is not a nice feeling. I'm feeling it too at the moment. Sometimes I think it just takes some people a little longer to "get into the swing of things". My son didn't meet someone until he was in his 20's, and one of my brothers was the same. May I ask what else you have going on in your life? Are you working? Studying? Do you have hobbies? I'm just thinking about ways that you might meet people. Do you have female friends? Love to chat further with you. Katy

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Jye,

Felling lonely can hurt can't it. Sometimes we can feel lonely even when we are in a relationship with someone.

Are there things you can do to add some happiness, joy and pleasure to your life while you are waiting to meet someone special?

Do you have hobbies or interests that keep you busy?

Can you join any groups or clubs where you can meet a variety of people?

Sometimes we can have great expectations and when they are not met we can feel so let down and horrible within ourselves.

The more I think negatively, the worse my thoughts become, I feel more depressed then and less likely to do anything pleasant or nice.

If you don't mind me asking, where do you go to try and meet people? Can you think of other places where you can connect with people?

Hope some ideas shared here are helpful for you.

Regards from Dools