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My wife wants divorce feeling lost

Community Member
So my wife of 8 years wants a divorce,I'm lost depressed anxious,I have to move out,and my former mother in law is my boss,I'm just so down and don't no what to do
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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Brent,

I'm sorry to read about the situation you find yourself in.

Do you have somewhere to move to? Do you have family and friends who are there for you in all if this?

Have you spoken to your ex Mother in law about the work situation?

(You don't have to respond to any of these questions if you don't want to.)

Would you find it beneficial talking to a support worker on Life Line 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636.

It must be a horrible situation to be in. I can not imagine what you are experiencing. Please know this is a sfae and supportive place to be.

Kind regards from Doolhof

Community Member
Hey yeah my ex mother in law is letting me keep my job,I do have family albeit quite far away but living wise no I have nowhere to go as of yet

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Brent01

I am so very sorry to hear that you are struggling at the moment and the feeling of your wife wanting a divorce must be do very painful. Can I ask how you are feeling about the relationship? Is there a chance you can go to some sort of counselling or are you too indeed ready to move on from the relationship but just struggling with how to manage it now, with having to move out and what happens next? I am so happy to hear that it will not impact your job. Can I ask if you have any children and how they are coping with the separation?

Hope to chat you some more Brent01, we are here to support you and to give you some comfort at this time.

Huge hugs


Community Member
I don't no how to feel at the moment to be honest I mean the relationship wasn't great but no matter how bad it was I was just always happy that I had her I. My life I don't no what to do or how to feel,I'm just down in the gutter atm,we don't have any children

Hi Brent01

I can hear how devastated that you are, I am so sorry you are in this much pain. Perhaps it might help to have a phone chat to one of the awesome people at Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636, it might help to talk to a person, what do you think about that?

Do you have some friends that you can contact to reach out and grab a coffee and have a chat and get some support from? This is a really tough time.

There is also the wonderful people at Relationship Australia on 1300 364 277, and they too have some amazing support services that might help you at this time.

Is there any chance of reconciliation or even conversation?

Hugs to you


No advice, but I just want to send you a virtual hug. Take advantage of the support here, I've had to lately. Glad you've posted.

Hugs, Kat

Community Member
Hey Brent01

Its been a few days since you first posted and I hope things are starting to make a little more sense to you.

My wife and I separated just over a year ago and it really knocked me for six.
Like you, it wasn't great, but didn't seem that bad.

In those first few months I experienced every negative emotion you can think of.

Anger, fear, hopelessness, rejection, worthlessness, you name it.

A year on and things are much better.

I found that in those first few months all these negative emotions really clouded my judgement and helped me make a few poor decisions.

If you can find yourself a nice, safe place to stay and take stock things should improve.
Perhaps don't make any big decisions while you're going through the real tough stuff.

Take care mate.