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I am stuck with a 38 year gap and yet free to go!

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Hi there . Let me start by saying this is amazing and thank you for listening.

i am 32 my partner 70. She is a trans woman I am a woman , she has been married twice before and has three children to both wife’s I have taken on a sum what codependency on her. We have been together 2 years and living together 1 year . I was a binge drinker and she is a chain smoker ,she was always against me drinking so I gave it up 4 months ago and she still smokes , she is still set in her ways. She is very kind and caring but is getting too old to do anything at all now! I started seeing a psychotherapist and tomorrow is my fourth session at $150 per session and honestly don’t think she can help. I am just living for her and not with her . I am stuck and can’t find my own path , and am only happy when I get attention off her , nothing else is beautiful unless she is with me and laughing . So deep down I need to go and search the world but I don’t want to leave her. I need help in leaving. How do I go about this ? I have another place I have sorted. I just can’t bring myself to leave her , I love her so much but it hurts to be here and anxiety and depression has set in

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Hi , welcome

So, you have really only been with your partner 2 years, living together 12 months and you are finding it hard to break away due to love and not wanting to hurt her.

I'm sorry you are feeling so lost.

The "right" thing to do is to be brave and have a meeting. Break the news to her and answer any questions. Then leave on the basis that your ongoing friendship is wanted.

I hope you are ok.