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How to make friends in your 30’s w. BP

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This is a question not a statement. I’ve always struggled to make friends and keep them and I have trouble trusting people and people of always bailed so now I just expect that everyone is gonna bail so I stand back a little bit or I get so excited about having a new friend that I’m too full on and scare them away. I know I need friends; it’s important to have people in your life that will be there for you when times are really hard and will be there for you in times when you need a good laugh, but in your 30s when you’re not working and you have a mental illness like bipolar, it makes things a little bit trickier there is no tinder for friends that I know of so how do you make friends in your 30s when you have bipolar? thoughts?

my blog quote today was “I feel lik my whole life I have been waiting for someone to find me”

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Peaceful Mayhem
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I too am in the same boat as you, mid 30s and no friends. Although, instead of bipolar I have high functioning anxiety and depression, which also makes it difficult to meet new people and make friends.

Am following this post in search of the answers too ♡