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How do I pick myself up and be happy?

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Most of my friends don't hang out with me anymore. I ruined it because of my anger plus my boringness and it hurts me so bad. I'm not the only one that get angry though but in the end I'm guessing I got cut out because I don't really have anything good to offer except my boring company. We started off really tight and understood each other. They were my second group of friends. My first group I was the 'last guy' and I felt I deserved more so I moved away from the group to this second one.

Now I have only 4 friends I hang out with sometimes. Friend 1 always ignores me because he has some issues like I do.

Friend 2 makes me more upset because he always lies about small things like leaving me hanging at a place or Infront his place because we were suppose to hang out but when he find something else to do im instantly out of the picture without notice.

Friend 3 is has a narcissist personality plus he wants to fight my other friends. When I tell him I'm going home he will always give negative comments like "yeah you go". He got mad before because I didn't invite him to my party. I didn't want a fight erupting at my party... The year before that at my party I caught him in the phone talking to someone and saying " Ye what you doing? I'm at my friends party. Actually there not really my friends, what you doing want to hang out?" That really cut me. When his birthday came up I said happy birthday to him on his birthday and he didn't even invite me to his. He never said happy birthday too me.

Friend 4 is still Around but he get upset easily and will sometime ignore me because I don't reply to his messages. I've also ignored himself before for abt a week because I hit rock bottom and needed time alone. It's werid because now he hangs with other people but when we was upset about me, he thought I was hanging with someone else. He now hang with friend 3 very often.

I have a drug addict friend from years ago (he was clean when I met him) who lies and steals thing from my other friend and me recently. Ask for money and never pays back. Last night he came over, I told him he had leave and a huge argument erupted. Even worse my mum was slight backing him up because of my attitude towards him.

I don't have a gf either. Only had 1 gf but I was just a rebound. Second girl I like slept with another guy, I think I was to slow to make a move. 3rd girl I like just wanted to be friends.

To sad to build relationships now. I feel better alone but the lonlienss is killing me.

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Hi Azronz, welcome

I understand this. We older men were young once as the saying goes.

As you get older you define what you want out of friendships. You become more targeting with your approach. Better to have no friend at all that having a toxic friend that says snide remarks when you want to go home. That comment "you go then" is a technique a manipulating person uses. He likely has no idea he does it but he isn't for you.

And that's the secret- finding your type to be with. This might take some thought as to how to meet up with the right type of person.

Please google

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I hope they help.

Tony WK