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Homesickness/Separation Anxiety as an Adult.

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I moved out of home this time last year (to a different state) and really struggled with homesickness. It has now been 12 months and I thought the homesickness would have pasted, but it honestly feels exactly the same as when I first left. I feel like crying when I'm alone and think about home or my family, I have nightmares and trouble sleeping and often feel super anxious for no reason. Part of me is telling myself to go home because I will be alot happier there, however I will be giving up a massive career pathway. I don't want to leave if this homesickness phase will end but at this current point in time I can't see myself being happy here. I live everyday counting down til the next time I get to go home or see my family again, which I feel is an unhealthy way of living - Counting down rather than enjoying every day as it comes.

Has anyone experienced this and found ways of over coming it, or any general tips to making my days a bit brighter?

Thank you!

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Valued Contributor

Hello there and welcome to the forums 🙂

Sorry you're feeling down, and that's brought you here. I guess sometimes in life we have to decide what's most important to us. Quite often we have to make difficult choices in giving something up in order to have something else. It's hard!

So, apart from missing your family and home (very valid!), are you enjoying your job and where you're living? Do you have nice friends? Hobbies? Do you like the place? Or is it a matter of you're not really connecting with where you're at, which is making you miss home a bit more? Also, does your family know how you feel? Is it possible to spend a bit more time communicating with them maybe on skype or face time or whatever?

Beyond this, if it's affecting your mental health to the point where you're anxious and not sleeping, how would you feel about having a chat to your gp? They may be able to chat with you, or refer you to someone else, to talk through and help understand your feelings and how to move forward.

Hope to hear more from you. Katy