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Heres a scenario

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I am 32, been with my partner for 10 years in 2 weeks. Two beautiful children, 4 & 7 (today is their bday). We have a business in which we have everything on the line for including part of my retired parents home on the line for. My partner is really sick with 2 chronic medical conditions which have only come aboutover the last two years, he is facing another surgery shortly. He has a chronicback consition and another condition called gastricparesis where effectively ur stomach becomes paralyzed. He cant eat solids and contiues to decline in front of me. He has lost close to 40 kgs most people qould be cheering however it continues to drop and he continues to decline. I have had to take leave without pay from myjob i love and have worked hard for to help with the business.

I know he is in constant pain and is fustrated he cant do what he used to do. But i just cop it, day in day out. I try so hard to do the best i can. But its never good enough. He is always putting ke down or having a joke at my expense.

Long story short i dont want to be with him anymore and have felt this for a fair while. Unfortunately i am stuck. He is sick and if the business goes down my parents lose their home. I have lost my support network at my job, my girlfriend knows how i feel but is over hearing about it as i am not doing anything but what am i meant to do?? I cant tell my parents asthey will stress out too.

Today ismy sons 7th bday and all i have done is cry. I just cant stop. I am trapped in this shitty situation and its just eating me alive.

I just got to keep going. I just am sinkimg further and further. Single mother life yet still have to live with a possessive mean person.

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Valued Contributor

Hi BarramundiGal,

I'm assuming u like to fish?

( name choice).

Sorry to hear about what you r going through. I'd be assertive with your partner about his treatment and let him know how it makes u feel & the situation is making u cry a lot. Will he show a little empathy perhaps. I sure hope so. I've felt empathy towards u which is why I've chosen to write.

U sound stuck in a debilitating situation. Can anybody help out in the business? I'm sure you've thought of every possibility just trying to think of things too. Can anyone help out with the husband? Or be there to support you?

I'd give life line 131114 a call and see if they can come up with any suggestions or even calling for support can be a good thing. There's also the Beyond Blue line among other support services. Please take care of number one. It's horrible to be abused. I was in a situation where I was being abused and it can make you feel small. You are worth so much more than he is making you feel.

You sound like superwoman to me. You're also going through a sad & tough time by the sounds of things. Hang in there and I hope u receive lots more replies with more to add.