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Hi new to this, 11 years after a traumatic divorce and now have a lovely guy,my divorce and ex aren't thought about majority of the time.But sometimes I struggle besides affair who I'm fully aware husbands guilty but with a friend also again not my main issue.

This mistress now wife tried to run me off the road,called me a whore in the street,worst lied to police and got a vro on me I was locked up with druggies I'm just a normal mum never had trouble with police I had to prove I was innocent which I did,

I was on anti depressants and she was trying to get me committed to mental institute messaging my friends I was terrified.I have 2 sons a the time 16 and 21 who took it badly.

I was told by police for my own safety to leave the area I actually left the country ended up 4 years till I was brave enough to return to be nr my sins now late 20s n early 30s.

This has all come to the surface as I've just become a Nana for the 1st time and my son promised baby with only have 1 Nana and 1 grandma they just want her called by her 1st time and my son has informed his dad.

I feel she is going to be called grandma as son won't say anything because won't want to upset his dad.

Am I been selfish as why for once are my feelings not taken I to consideration she did so much damage to our family.

Yes time has moved on I get that but I was effected I was never the same and lost 4 years of my kids lives because I was to scared to return.


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Hi, welcome, 


I'll be frank on this as I think it's best.


In my opinion, if I had grandkids there could be multiple other old men called pop, grandad etc but I am me and as I'd be special in their lives due to my love and affection, it won't matter.


This situation has hindered you for 11 years, time to cease worrying about anything associated with them. 


Serious hurt in the past with people can lead to issues like PTSD and anxiety so it's understandable why you are concerned but you have a life to lead now and as long as your grandchildren get live and care it doesn't matter if it's from anyone, the more the better. 


Make sure you are a special Nana.