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Help me understand?

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My sister and her partner moved away 2 years ago in that time they had a child and they have decided to come back in with my parents.

Since being here my parents have forked our 11 grand most of that was a car my dad got my sisters partner so he could start work as a courier, he’s had the job for 20 days and has taken 8 days off in that time, He’s come home because it’s ‘too hot’ he has over 1000 dollars in fines and his mentality is “let them come after me, they can’t make me pay it” and my sister views everything he says as he wrote the bible

My sister stays in bed all day whilst my mum and dad cook, bath, baby sit and shop for my niece. The parents don’t do a single thing for her. They put her to bed and then go out and smoke weed

My mum always enjoyed a drink but since they’ve moved back in she’s drinking all day everyday my dad is unhappy most of the time. My sister and her partner don’t do anything around the house, you can’t say anything to them because I’m their eyes “they do stuff, and do look after their daughter” My dad loses it whereas my mum says she just switches off whilst she downs another drink.

This all stresses me out because they keep giving and giving and getting used, treated like garbage but won’t put a stop to any of it because they’re scared to lose their grand daughter, which I understand but how far can they go with no money?

I’m 26 with a partner of my own and we stay in between houses, we pay our way etc. it sucks I don’t want to be in my own home anymore. I feel like distancing myself from my family and not getting involved. I don’t know what I can really do. Nothing seems to change.

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I guess to be blunt it's not really your decision how your parents use there funds or who they allow to stay in there house.

There son in law might not be a very desirable person but they have chosen to support him and your siste

Its really upto them to change the situation if they dont like it.

If i was you id keep my distance and try and not make it personal as hard as it may be.

Take care of yourself

Summer Rose
Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Brando

Welcome to bb and thanks for sharing your story.

I really feel for you. It must be gut wrenching to watch what's playing out in your family home. The situation is very unfair to you and your parents and I believe it's unsustainable.

I don't think you have to say anything. The fact that your dad "loses it" seems to indicate that the situation will likely come to a head on its own.

Distance right now to protect your own mental health is probably a good idea, unless you think anyone is in danger. But maybe be available to step in and provide support to whoever needs it when the situation changes.

Look after yourself and hang in there.

Kind thoughts to you