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Friend interrupts talks over me constantly

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A friend talks over me and interrupts me constantly  . It’s extremely exhausting,  draining,  frustrating, rude . He has never done a simple google to easily see what a two way conversation actually is, or how anti social interrupting and  talking over others is . He wrongly calls his interrupting and constantly talking over me, “a two way conversation” . I just want to b able to have a real 2 way conversation which means that I can finish my thought or sentence in peace and we each take turns after each person has finished speaking . He doesn’t realise that that is how to have 2 way conversations . Or at least that’s how he treats me . He might b more respectful and he might interupt others less and talk over others less aBd allow others to speak in oeace, more than he  does  to me .  He then refuses to respond to what I have said,  saying that he can’t remember what he wanted to respond, because he wasn’t allowed to immediately talk over me and interrupt me . I’ll find other ways of doing things Eg I might write a few words of what I want to say , to jolt my memory for later,of what I want to respond, but I won’t constantly talk over him and interrupt  him  constabtly like he does . He is too rigid to  try a different way . I can’t get a word out or a sentence out,  without him talking over me repetitively. It’s so draining infuriating  trying to get a word out . He labels this all differently to justify it . Instead of calling it “interrupting and talking over me constantly” . He instead, labels it “HAVIng  a 2 way conversation”  or waiting his turn to talk he labeled as that “he’s not allowed to talk “ . He doesn’t realise how rude,  exhausting, antisocial, obnoxious,  it is to be constantly interupted and constantly talked over,  and to not b able to get a single word or sentence out without his constant interrupting aBd talking over me  . He doesn’t realise what a simple google would clarify for him, that a two way conversation means waiting till each person finishes speaking , and then responding . He doesn’t realise what the definition of two way conversation is , or how rude exhausting infuriating, antisocial and contrary to social rules, his constant interrupting  and  talking over me  is  

I don’t  see solutions do you ?  I’m looking for solutions not for cutting off from him . He does in some ways treat me worse than he treats other people, so  it’s likely that he interrupts others, or talks over others, much less frequently than he does it me. it’s likely .that he is much more respectful in conversations with others. I’m looking for solutions . I’m not looking to cut off from this friend . 


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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi justine77 and really understand this situation  as it happens to me alot.I have difficulty in speaking and have a speech impediment.I find it much easier to text friends and have a conversation that way as I know when I see them it's going to be really hard to get any words in especially if it's important so basically just enjoy a cup of tea and their mostly one way conversation when I see them.Its a very difficult situation and is hard for people to change their way of talking to you.Have you text this person explaining how you feel about the conversations you have?